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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by whitlam, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. whitlam

    whitlam Member

    well my X and I had a messy breakup...but i decided to forgive her and talk to her again a few months back..although we only really talk online these days....

    however whenever we do...she ALWAYS reverts the conversation to her current boyfriend...

    but why does she always bring him up???....its like shes trying to constently remind me that she left me for him or something...

    she also brings up "old times" a fair bit which i personally would rather forget....

    so should i just break contact with her again?
  2. Allonym

    Allonym cheesecake slut

    shes trying to remind you that shes not available and that you shouldnt get any silly ideas that something more than friendship will happen, probably

    ask her to not talk about old times as much, and let her know that while youre happy she has a new boyfriend you arent really friends with him so hearing detailed stories of him isnt really your cup of tea
  3. whitlam

    whitlam Member

    yeaah but i have a girlfriend....whom i love dearly....plus. ive moved and we live about 6 hours apart....hence us only talking on the net.
    I'd LIKE to have normal friendly conversation with her. but its always about that boy.
  4. neponiatka

    neponiatka Senior Member

    so....tell her this
    say you would prefer to talk on other topics
  5. Marija

    Marija Senior Member

    i think that she is trying to make you jelays and to prove to you theh she is over you, and much happier without you (wich probably isn't true, but that is how the woman mind works :))
  6. His Eden

    His Eden Queen of Mean

    Is it beneficial to you to maintain a friendship with your ex? Does she somehow add to your life?

    You can either end contact or tell her not to talk about her boyfriend, but that is unfair and unrealistic because he is part of her life (whether you want to hear about him or not). With that said it would also be reasonable for you to talk about your current gf and say what you said here "but i have a girlfriend....whom i love dearly."

    If you start talking about how much you love your gf and some romantic dinner you are cooking she (the ex) will either high tail it, or you can develop a whole new friendship that is honest and in the present.

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