Discussion in 'Action Movies' started by TattoedAquarian, May 26, 2006.

  1. TattoedAquarian

    TattoedAquarian Senior Member

    Anyone seen it yet? Inside scoop???
  2. Guest123

    Guest123 Member

    I saw it last night. If you follow the comics at all, you'll be pretty frustrated (more so than your usual comicbook movie). If not, you'll probably love it.

    P.S. Make sure that you stay till the end of the credits.
  3. pokernut951

    pokernut951 Member

    Cool thanks, I'm about to go see it.
  4. trekker

    trekker Intrepid Traveler

    I am really wanting to see this movie. I am going to follow this thread like others, and if you are going to reveal anything about the movie in your posts, please indicate spoiler. Not that anyone did this, I am just saying. Thanks.
  5. drew172

    drew172 Senior Member

    Yeah I just got back from watching it....it was great!...I thought it was incredibly interesting, more so than just action (tho I usually look for something deeper in movies like that anyways).

    I thought it was definitely a thinker, kinda made me go "what would I do?", you know that is with certain movies...lotta choices, it was amazing tho....and argh...if they don;t make a fourth...I'm sorry, maybe it seems like the series should be finished....Not for me. Not yet.
  6. Cerberus

    Cerberus Member

    I was pretty dissapointed. I swear it felt like I was watching fantastic 4 or daredevil it was so poor.

    It was too short, rushed, shitty script, characters acting out of sorts, etc.

    I wish I hadn't seen it, much prefer the illusion of it being good and not have the trilogy finish on a bad note.

    Such a bloody shame.
  7. I saw it yesterday, Kelsey Grahmer looks like a cookie monster on steroids... which is slightly amusing.
  8. mrsshf

    mrsshf Member

    I really enjoyed the movie. the special effects are great, they blow a lot of crap up, and they don't waste a lot of time in character development because that would get in the way of the special effects, but they manage to cobble together a workable, interesting plot. Perfect summer blockbuster.
  9. Radiation

    Radiation Ruling the Nation

    Wasn't nearly as good as the second, but I was still thoroughly entertained. Loved the Beast, hated Halle Berry (somebody tell that bitch to stand in the back, somewhere behind Rogue).
  10. Love Fest1969

    Love Fest1969 Classic Rocker

    I saw it yesterday and I didn't like it at all.
  11. Love Fest1969

    Love Fest1969 Classic Rocker

    What happens at the end of the credits?
  12. mrsshf

    mrsshf Member

    There's a bonus scene.
  13. Jesus the Jedi

    Jesus the Jedi Senior Member

    Saw it at the midnight showing :) meet some great people at those...
    Highlight was the trailers (snakes on a plane anyone?)
    Halle Berry said she wouldnt do the movie unless they gave her more lines, and shes proven that she cant act, i freaking hate her, as a summer cheesy stupid blockbuster, its a good time, but definatly shouldnt be a continuation of the series.

    Like someone said before me, shitty rushed script, no charecter development, which with a plot like this it definatly needs.
  14. FreakyJoeMan

    FreakyJoeMan 100% Batshit Insane

    Loved it. Loved Fraiser Krane as the Beast. Loved Bullet-Tooth Tony from Snatch as the Juggarnaught. "I'm the Juggarnaught, bitch!" Classic. Just an all-around kick-ass movie.
  15. ethereal tard

    ethereal tard Member

    I just saw it the other day. Thought it was pretty good and funny at parts. I got frustrated towards the end of the movie. I couldn't see the x-men fighting with these humans. It's almost like the Jews fighting alongside the Nazi's, it just wouldn't happen. After a bold move like that mutants would certianly be rounded up and it would be manditory that they take the cure. I don't see why an optional cure would incite such an uprising in mutants to provoke an attack. Gays are constantly hounded to convert but they don't make war. Magneto's army was well disposed of in the first battle just to get the kid. It was a fun movie but didn't make much sense.
  16. ilario

    ilario Member

    Absolutely must be the best movie I've ever seen. Im speechless, action filled and a great romance. It's awesome!!!
  17. ilario

    ilario Member

    If you liked the first two movies you are sure to like this one as well. Although you can tell that Bryan Singer was NOT directing. I didn't find it as dramatic or character driven as the last two films. Still, worth while seeing on the big screen.
  18. thedciple

    thedciple Member

    I saw this yesterday. And for an action movie i loved it.
    However bad an actor Vinnie Jones is, there is something about him that is likeable. He does very well as the juggernaut. And the 'Im the juggernaut, Bitch' quote is priceless.
    The Beast was my fave character, wasnt expecting to see Kelsey Grammer, but very glad he was there. And there was the usual humour from wolverine etc...
    Obviously more action than deep storyline... But surely noone could have possibly expected a deep analytical movie....
    Great all round film...
    Oh and Ian Mckellen was brilliant...
    Finding myself looking forward to the next one, as long as they manage to keep the same actors playing the characters... They need to keep Ellen Page as Kitty instead of changing her round yet again, as she did a good job.
    P.S I think Halle Berry wasnt too bad, comparing it with Catwoman level of acting... She looked very good too. lol
  19. passittotheleft

    passittotheleft Senior Member

    I havent seen it yet but I hope they bring Gambit in in the next one.
  20. ilario

    ilario Member

    awesome movie! i like it so much...

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