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    A perennial question, esp. among Christians who want to be as fundamental as possible. If Jesus were alive today, would he approve of celebrating Christmas?

    Anyways, my humble opinion (if anyone wants it), is he would say simply this. It all depends on the way you celebrate the holiday. It matters only what is in your heart, in other words. You can celebrate it selfishly and by drinking and eating too much. Or it can be a somber, loving time, with families, and by helping people.

    Do you (speaking to my fundamentalist friends now) honestly when you get to the pearly gates, St. Peter is going to take out a big rule book, and say "Let's see, the 10th chapter of the Book of Leviticus says..." and so forth? NO! He will judge you by the love in your heart--just like Jesus said (hence WWJD)!

    Think about it, when you drink your eggnog this season.

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  2. Irminsul

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    Jesus would approve. That dudes alright. He drinks wine. :) he parties :) he eats. :)

    Unlike some of the other deities who don't drink etc and basically are the fun police of religion. As much as I don't have in common with Jesus, he's aight in my books.

    It may not be wine, but I pour that mofo a horn of mead when I see him.
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    i'd say probably not, or he'd laugh and say how silly. he wasn't born to start a personality cult.
    considering who i believe he actually was and what he did most of his life,
    i seriously doubt he'd have a very high opinion of "fundimentalist" anything.

    not that he'd have anything against the spirit of kindness and generosity part of it,
    he was all about that after his conversion at age 30 when he started channelling,
    but he wouldn't be impressed by economic empires.

    it was for being an enimy combatant against the roman empire, not for preaching peace,
    nor channelling god, that he was exicuted.

    he'd be mostly neutral about the whole thing, but before he became a pacifist socialist,
    he was a militant one, and he would certainly not endorse america claiming to endorse him.

    he'd be all 'w.t.f.' about any of that. even europe was beyond the sphere of influence
    of the responsibility he took on and accepted during his physical life.
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    he absolutely would not approve
  5. Asmodean

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    He would have more problems with the celebration of his death.

    edit: btw...

    I don't think there are any of those on here.

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