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    I sometimes watch wrestling, but is wrestling scripted? Are those pain real? What really happened on Mary 23, 1999 that killed Owen Hart? WWE Senior consultant didn’t want you to see this documentary! Find out why. This documentary features the interesting father and son story behind WWE. Learn the rags to riches story of Vince McMahon Jr. through its successful launching and marketing of Wrestling. Learn the ropes of wrestling through exclusive interviews with certified wrestling addicts, the wrestlers themselves including Tito Santana, and sports writers. This documentary lets you in the world of wrestling that includes betrayal, endless backstabbing, gimmicks, and tragic event that led to the death of Owen Hart.
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    Definately going to watch this. I've loved wrestling for over half my life. I always get into arguements with people over wrestling. I think it is scripted and the punches and stuff are fake. But when someone jumps off the top of a ladder onto 3 flaming tables with someone on top of it, there is no way that can be fake... Anyways, good find :p. Definately watching this.

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