Ww 2 Deaths ( Amazing Video )

Discussion in 'History' started by Mallyboppa, Nov 22, 2015.

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    Makes you think !
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    It is said that the USSR loss between twenty and thirty million. How many were actually murdered by the communists?
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    How many were murdered by their own people? Lots. The NKVD shot an estimated 12000 Russian troops at Stalingrad alone. Now consider that they were doing that type of thing from the Baltic to the Black Sea from June 1941 right up through the end of the war (well it actually started before the war with the purges).
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    Interesting video! Thanks for posting. Understand, however, the picture at 8:45 of the german soldier shooting "jews" is a fell known forgery.
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    At Yalta, Stalin demanded that ALL Russian POWs held in Germany were to be repatriated without exception.

    ALL went to Siberia and very few ever made it home after 1953. That was the price of Stalin entering the Pacific War on 8th August 1945, 90 days after the German surrender.

    ALL German SS POWs went to Wrangel island, and NONE came home!

    Also, ALL allied POWs 'liberated' by the Russians went o Siberia, and none of them ever came home.

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