Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Juggalo4ever, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. Juggalo4ever

    Juggalo4ever KingoftheChubbyGirls

  2. TheChaosFactor

    TheChaosFactor Senior Member

    its a fat kid blocking the tv? wtf is the problem?
  3. t-dub

    t-dub Pass me the pepper

    is that you when you were a child! awwwwww......... :D
  4. Juggalo4ever

    Juggalo4ever KingoftheChubbyGirls

    No thats one of ed G's pics
  5. TheChaosFactor

    TheChaosFactor Senior Member

    reminds me a lot of my youngest brother......the chubbiness and the hair that is
  6. Juggalo4ever

    Juggalo4ever KingoftheChubbyGirls

    Kinda looks like Jerry420 as a kid
  7. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    ...kid running around in a speedo, real nice..Im just surprised hes not wearing a diaper..

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