wtf how many seeds do i need for poppy seed tea?

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by raneran, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. raneran

    raneran Guest

    I really want to try poppy seed tea with my friend but i dont know how much or how many grams i need to make enough for both of us. And is there a certain brand or are they all the same?
  2. gendorf

    gendorf Senior Member

    use the whole plant! not just the seeds.
    I think for a good buzz 10 (heads with seeds in it and stem) is enough. but beginners should start with less.

    I think the seeds are the least active parts.

    I think if you wanna get stoned on the seeds you need to buy a fuck load. break em up, fill up a pot with it, half seeds rest is water... boil it and stir it for a few minutes.
    The liquid should get colored. This is you poppy tea.
    take small sips and don't rush it.
    without tolerance the opiates are very dangerous.

    Have fun!!
  3. murgatroid

    murgatroid Member

    I drank about 2 pounds of a popular brand over the course of a day and I couldn't get close to a nod.
  4. hippocripp

    hippocripp Guest

    This info deleted:
  5. hippocripp

    hippocripp Guest

    Never Ever boil opium or morphine. This will cause a change in the opiate at a molecular level and will ruin it. when making poppy tea bring your water to the point of almost a boil then remove from heat before adding your poppy grindings. and remember to stir at regular intervals, every few minutes or so.
  6. zaborav

    zaborav Guest

    I do not recommend using P.somniferum seed for tea making. Use varieties such as Hen & Chickens, Tasmanian, Shyama, Persian White, Danebrog and Giganthemum (which yields a lot but is not quite as strong as the others.) There are many web pages describing how to reduce the latex to what is known as 'eating' or 'smoking' Prepared Opium. So -Have patience and grow the things. You can then harvest the latex from the pods and still have plenty of alkaloids left in the plants - dry thoroughly, grind to consistency of fine to medium coffee, and brew with water just off the boil in a cafetière. Use the plunger a lot to extract as much as possible. Requires much sugar and honey and other strongish flavouring of your choice coz to be honest, without sweetening it tastes pretty foul. Amount required depends very much on variety and climate. Begin harvesting latex 24-48 hours after petals drop - that's when they are most potent. Test dosage by drinking one mug; adjust according to effect.
  7. Lucky4u2day

    Lucky4u2day Member

    I still have a few dozen pods of Tazmanian Pods ..........

    Made some very nice tea and tried to grow plants for the juice/tar but never succeeded. Love the tea - mixed it with stash licorice for a better taste but it hit quick and was mellow for sure.

    This Post is intended for Information purposes ONLY!:sunny:


    desperate for pods and not knowing where to order some from since ebay days I finally tried poppy seed tea. Used cold water and 2 liter bottle and about 2lb of very popular seed brand that everyone rave about. NOTHING! it just felt like I took maybe a 10mg perc. Very dissapointed. Gosh, I want some pods :(
  9. Lucky4u2day

    Lucky4u2day Member

    I have a few dozen Mid sized Tasmanian Pods with long stems - 4 pods without seeds and no stems makes a strong brew. Save the seeds to grow more they don't work for tea my friends just the Pods and no stems either and definitely not the seeds............. grind up the clean pods - 4 good sized ones for 10 ozs of boiling h20 and let steep for 5 -7 minutes - Ooo La La:sunny:

    You be comfortable for sure..............
  10. TheSt0rm

    TheSt0rm Guest

    SWIM has been experimenting with poppy seed tea in the past few weeks and confirms that it really does work. Having never done any opiates in the past. He first tried 1 lbs of poppy seeds bought from ebay (unwashed) with water. Next time he tried it with lime juice this time he tried 2 lbs. Quite Effective! A bit too much though so next time he tried lower doses even just 4 oz. Also adding lime, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar a bit of natural salt and stevia. Still very effective but not as long lasting of course. Last time he tried 20 oz doing exactly the same as before and was really satisfied.

    Be careful though. At the 2 lb dose he probably could have died? Reports have shown this amount can have more than lethal dose of morphine because there's poppy seed batches vary in the amount of opiates. He didn't though.

    Be very careful and start off with low doses, you will get effects if they are good seeds. I think these seeds are rare though as most seeds seem to be washed. Even some that say are unwashed still seem to have nothing.
  11. TheSt0rm

    TheSt0rm Guest

    Couldn't care less about buying pods of the seed tea works so good as it has. It really depends on the seeds you're getting. As I said be careful. It may also be preferable since this is a cold extract whereas a heat extract may change the effect as some stated undesirably.
  12. TheSt0rm

    TheSt0rm Guest

    Though if I could get my hands on some pods I'd try them out. Can one do a cold brew of pods?

    Also be careful in mixing so many things with the tea. Feelings of nausea can be a problem but not necessarily into full blown vomiting, just try not eating too many things/mixing if at all in or around drinking the tea. Lemon or grapefruit juice I think does induce nausea due to 'improper food combining' but it does have the effect of making the experience last longer. Maybe only a little juice is required to slightly acidify the solution, not even to the point of tasting it.
  13. TheSt0rm

    TheSt0rm Guest

    At 20 oz SWIM was zonking out for like 30mins-1hr, looking at closed eye visuals and high on some good marijuana. He had also drunk some tea. Smoked some pipe. ended up vomiting before probably due to nico-nausea.

    He thinks the vinegar (and maybe salt?) made it more powerful. He doesn't think he could try 2 lbs with Vinegar. Be careful with vinegar.

    He followed the suggestion I saw on another website. It's 1-2 lbs of unwashed poppy seeds. But I've found lower doses to be effective (4 oz, 8 oz)... though if a more intense high is what you want then of course higher doses are better for that. If they're really good seeds, I would be extremely careful of having anything more than 1 lb. I think the 1-2 lb suggestion was due to the fact that a lot of seeds are washed or low in opiate content. This variety was not!

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