Wrapping dreads when sleeping

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by Mista Laylo, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Mista Laylo

    Mista Laylo Guest

    My dreads are a little over a year old and I have tried several products to wrap my hair at night but nothing is really comfortable. I started my dreads with the tool and now its just twisting.
  2. alphabeteyes

    alphabeteyes Member

    I always wear tams when I sleep. It keeps my dreads out a my face. And I feel my dreads further progress when I wear them. They are crocheted with yarn so its soft and comfy. I also have some beanies I've cut the top out of and wear that. This just as nice. Bit honestly it doesn't matter if you wrapped them when you sleep the only thing that matters is time.
  3. SadieScarlett

    SadieScarlett Member

    Yea don't see it as a necessity, if you don't think wrapping them is doing any good or feels uncomfortable then don't, it won't hinder the you
  4. antdogftp

    antdogftp Guest

    The best most comfortable thing I've found is putting your head in a t shirt flip the shirt back use the sleeves to tie it to your head the tie goes on your neck lay on oil low if t shirt is comfy then nu won't even fell it

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