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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by mikeyjwest, May 16, 2004.

  1. mikeyjwest

    mikeyjwest Member

    I want to smoke in my room while my parents are asleep but my dad has a pretty good sense of smell. My window is like 1/4 the size of my room. If I air that shit out and blow it out the window and shit do you think i can get away with it? Fuck makeing a spoof or whatever. Thats too much work, Ide rather just step outside and smoke if it were taht hard.
  2. Then step outside and smoke. If you don't want to do it securely, you really shouldn't at all.
  3. fitzy21

    fitzy21 Worst RT Mod EVAH!!!!

    you will be fine, all you need is a fan. thats what i used before when i thought i would get in trouble. now i just don't care, i just keep the window open, i don't even blow the smoke out the window. my parents don't care as long as i keep my grades up, but i can't smoke at college, so whatever.

    a fan worked fine for me...so...thats an idea.
  4. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    I smoke in my room every night. I just blow some of the smoke out the window with my door shut and whne im done i turn on my ceiling fan. It smells fine by the morning.
  5. I agree, if you don' t want to use a spoof just open up your window. If you have a small fan you can point it toward the window if you want to. I think you'll be fine, theirs little chance that if the smell did reach your parents while they were sleep that they'd wake up. so go ahead and toke away:)
  6. NatureFreak412

    NatureFreak412 Art of Balance

    Well heres a theory, I havnt tried and probably wont cause u can go outside, but if u wanna stay in, invest in a small fan thats like 2 feet tall, and sit it on ur window seal, and make the part that sucks in be facing inside, and the part that blows out on the outside, and then like blow it into that, and zooom its gone
  7. mikeyjwest

    mikeyjwest Member

    I just opened the window and smoked. My dad didnt notice this morning, adn i doubt he will later. IT doesnt smell like bud much or at all. I cant smell it at all.
  8. Yeah man, i always used to smoke out my window before goin to sleep when i stayed at home. As long as you lean out a bit, keep your door closed and leve the window open a bit during the night then there will be no smell by morning. Hopefully you've realised how easy it is by now. Although half the time i would just wait till my folks were upstairs then go out back and smoke.

    toke it up man
  9. PeRrY

    PeRrY Member

    I'd say, if your that worried about your dad finding out, then you outta not be so damn lazy, and make a spoof. They're quick and work well if your not a palsy and make it right.
  10. A spoof really isn't that much work to make. If you're worried about the smell and getting caught, I would def. make one if I were you.
  11. cat

    cat Member

    This might be a really stupid question, but what the hell is a spoof?
  12. A spoof/poofer or whatever you want to call it is simply a paper towel roll stuffed with fabric softener sheets. Most people have different names for it.
  13. mowgli

    mowgli Member

    u shud b fine as long as u w8 til ur parents are in bed. weneva i've got any green i always smoke a Jacob out of my bedroom window at nite b4 i go to bed. just make sure u leave ur window open over nite, and spray some deoderant or air freshener around the room to mask the smell. Good Luck!


  14. Haha, I smoke like that in my room every night. I'm so catious when it comes to smoking that I always put a towl under my door and light some incense. I used to use a fan but my parents don't really notice, if your dad has a good sense of smell then I'd use a fan. No big deal, just be careful. Getting walked in on kinda sucks, specially after you've smoked like 3 bowls.
  15. mikeyjwest

    mikeyjwest Member

    Well, I did it twice in a row now. I dont use incense, I just open my window, which is pretty big, and blow out of it. Its worked pretty good so far.

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