would you kiss a guy when ..........

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by space cadet, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. space cadet

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    if you were vegitarian would you kiss a guy after he had just eaten a hamburger. 1 of my girl m8s did and then threw up cause she couldnt stand the taste

  2. outlaw immortal

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    that is one good question. if my gf was a vegitarian then i would rinse my mouth out before we kissed. cos i like meat and i also like kissing:D
  3. shadowd_dreamr

    shadowd_dreamr Senior Member

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    thats a good question.. humm

    I would think that would be a turn off..
    but who knows?? i dont haha
  4. FrozenMoonbeam

    FrozenMoonbeam nerd

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    i am a vege, i haven't intentionally eaten meat in five years, i was feed it by mistake once (the vegetraian spring roll was packed with ground beef). That made me throw up, even before i knew that it was meat.

    and hmmm... with kissing someone who'd been eating meat - it's picky but i would probably have to get him to rinse, because, eewww, i just couldn't concentrate on the fun parts of kissing if i could taste and feel ground up bits of dead cow in his mouth.

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