worst trip ever (revised)

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by zarontuss, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. zarontuss

    zarontuss Guest

    So it was my second time every doing shrooms. the first time i had about a gram and a half not too much happened felt pretty, I good did it with 2 other buddies was kind of disappointed. a week later i decided i was going to do an eight with my friend kyle and i barely ate anything this day but was not to worried. kyle ate his on the car ride i ate mine when we got to his house about 20 minutes i was already tripping harder than he was things were wavy i felt like i was going to puke, but was still not tripping that hard and was still having a good time. then i started to feel better and was tripping pretty hard. my other friend tim came over and we went to smoke a bowl in kyle's room i took about 2 hits and then everything went down.... SERIOUSLY. the order of the dreams i am telling you about were real and happened in real life in this order but to me they happened in reverse.i think im having an intense dream i cant wake up from and in it i am having a heart attack i know it is from some drug but i have no idea what it was like i just appeared in this scary situation thats why i thought i was dreaming, i dont know how i got there or why i am freaking out. while im freaking out i was having all these profound realizations about life and my friends were really upset that i was tripping this bad in his house, then it got insane my friend walked downstairs and came back up and had the same conversation with my friend like 30 times in a row my friends said i kept screaming kitchens, kitchen cabinets, and painting walls, the loop started to go faster and faster and i thought the world was all about fighting and as the loop got faster i thought i was going to die and was becoming an old man after what felt like a hundred years, the loop started to go so fast i was realizing it was eventually going to speed up to a point where it would end and my life would be over, it finally stopped then i floated out of my body i was sure i died from a heart attack, i started to think am i having my end of life dmt trip or is my soul leaving my body i start to phase into a new dimension and a voice starts talking to me it says "hey buddy do you know who i am...?" i cannot speak, "you fucked me over in the real reality and you escaped and created your own dimension and have been hiding, i have finnaly found you... do you know who i am?...." he then takes over my body and uses my voice to speak to me "I am SATAN" i scream it cant be... there is no way...but IT IS. he started to communicate with me in a new form way he basically says i was going to be punished and i saw complete darkness and he crushed my body to the size of an atom and it felt like my heart was being stabbed. I phased out of this trip and a completely new one began. then i was in kyles room again but in a different reality; everything looked the same but i was just a head and i was perceiving everything in which i swear was the 4th dimension. my body was the entire room and i felt like i was burning on fire and i was i the objects in his room were all the components of everything, during this i was experiencing a 6th sense it was awful, an uncomprehendable ammount of pain it lasted for what seemed like a few thousand years. then i phased out from this and realized the universe stopped expanding and was over,i was the universe but i could not controll it i created myself without trying to. my whole life was all my imagination and theni formed into a second universe. the new universe where i was expanding and twisting through the space time having incredible pain i muttered crazy sounds like ( bloooop bbeeee blooblobob) that were shooting out of me uncontrollably. the universe was being explained to me by some universal spirit that was using my voice to communicate with me all the sudden i was reborn in to a new universe where i was laying on kyle's hallway floor my parents and his mom were but i thought it was a new universe and did not trust them it was like i was a baby put into a grown up body with all of these torturing things that just happened to me. kyle's mom said said magic mushrooms like 10 times i thought they were different universe people and they were trying to kill me i screamed fuck you over and over then the police came in and i started screaming its all over,its all fucken over,but this was good the pain and mind fucks were over i was finally in a comprehend-able place this is when things started to calm down,(the police sedated me here) i was reborn in what looked like a hospital and i thought they were aliens testing my body, when i was left alone i stood up and starting walking. i was very calm and was confused but felt very safe i felt almost as if i had made it to a heaven. i assume i was sedated again because this is where the trip ends.(at this point i start having what i thought was the dream beeing in kyles room freaking out). i wake up from the dream and think i am a dream within a dream. a nurse came in and was like are you ready to talk and how much cocaine did you do, i didnt answer because i thought it was a dream my parents walked in and comforted me.A security guard walked in and it hit me, i was in the intensive unit of the hospitle and only remember the part of me freaking out in kyles room. the next morning i start to remember some of the trip. it has been about a month since then and every couple days i start to remember more and more of this insane trip it has come to clear to me it was like it happened yesterday and i can picture all of it in my mind. nothing like this has ever happened to me im 18 years old and it changed my life forever has anyone had anything even close to this happen and why did it? could i be allergic to them or what? sorry if it is confusing some of the things just cant be explained with words. i have never heard of such a scary trip even with dmt i am mentally scared by this. someone please help me
  2. Grainpsilo

    Grainpsilo Member

    You sound like you have a weak mind and would be a real drag to trip with.

    Shrooms bring out your subconscience and can cause deep seeded thought and feelings to the surface..... You'll just have to live with the fact that deep down your mind is a cesspool and you are probably gay.
  3. eatlysergicacid

    eatlysergicacid Creep in a T-Shirt

    You gotta break long posts up into paragraphs so that people can read it easily. You can go back and do this using the edit button at the bottom right of your post.
  4. zarontuss

    zarontuss Guest

    alright grain ya fucken terrorist
  5. thismoment

    thismoment Member

    Take it easy Zarontuss. I can't imagine why Grain would say that - talk about being a drag to trip with! And don't bother saying anything to me Grain - or say whatever shit you want to say. You are definitely not a nice person.

    Zarontuss, You had a bad trip on some strong mushrooms and/or possibly you smoked something weird. Plenty of other people have done the same or similar. Clearly you need a long time to integrate this one. But no problem. It took me many years to integrate my last trips. My advice is back completely off psychedelics and at least back down some on pot. Maybe spend a few years working hard in school.

    Good luck to you.
  6. NoxiousGas

    NoxiousGas Old Fart

    I'm curious about what you revised.
    As has been already mentioned, constructing your post in a manner that facilitates easy reading is greatly appreciated.
    I simply can not read all that again to try and catch any revisions.

    FYI; creating multiple threads with the same content is pretty much frowned on, so expect one of them to go bye-bye.

    Starting a new thread does not mean you will receive different responses, I'm gonna guess that is part of the reason grainpsilo responded in the manner he did.
  7. It looks longer? In any case my head hurts today and it hurt my eyes to just skim through that to try to look for differences- made my head hurt worse. I said last time it was posted to space it into paragraphs, but yeah... it's...longer?
  8. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    I have never seen Satan on a trip. But in my opinion going to the hospital only made it worse, that is a terrible place for someone in that state of mind. Maybe they could give you some Thorazine to end the trip but you said the nurse asked you about cocaine.

    That is the problem in my opinion, the hospital is not going to understand what your on and your not in any shape to explain it. They see allot more OD's from coke or a more common everyday drug. Psychedelic users are a small percent of drug users. They will not understand that you are not physically dying. Plus you are not going to be allowed to leave even when you do calm down.
  9. zarontuss

    zarontuss Guest

    this shit has faded its weird for a couple days it will eat me alive then i dont even think about it for a long time
  10. zarontuss

    zarontuss Guest

    this is completely unrelated but its cool as fuck has anyone had something like this happen i had a dream a couple nights ago and it happened in real life a couple days later i was like wtffffffffff
  11. nectar

    nectar Member

    I've seen Satan on a trip before, not on mushrooms, but more than once. In my waking life I know Satan is a Christian concept, but when 'That Force' is there with you, it's not nice to feel scared and in pain.
    Let me tell you you can move on in life and control yourself a little better when you are tripping, sounds like you took too much and couldn't control it.
    I think there are some dark forces out there than can and will get inside when your brain is open and susceptible. Whether they are Satan? Bah! Who knows?
    It's great to hear you are now more aware of your intuition. This is something we all possess as beings and if you listen to your dreams, and believe that you are connected to the forces that be that are trying to guide you along your path, you can and will be guided.
    Just don't do what Satan says ;)
  12. Grainpsilo

    Grainpsilo Member

    I have seen he devil as well

    I have also seen myself dead and withered locked behind the pattern of my persian rug.
  13. kokujin

    kokujin Senior Member

    sounds to me like he had the entire trifecto of a universal christian cosmic trip. LMAO waking up at the ICU i am not surpsirsed fuck.

    Next time calm yourself so your trips have ______ of this one but you STAY HOME and never really black out.

    the universe and life is trippy. I wonder if you tripped based on your beliefs or if these were/are inherent truths ala the beliefs arrived to.
  14. nectar

    nectar Member

    I was semi raised Christian, just my grandparents taking me to Sunday School and such, but thus had the fear of Lucifer instilled in me. My curiosity too leads me to wonder if I see the devil because I fear Hell, and so create it, or whether it is external.
    Would be interesting to see if, for example, a Buddhist raised as such, perhaps in the eastern world where there is no fear of the devil in your face, would experience 'Hell', or ' Fear of Punishment' whilst tripping.

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