Worst sexual experience ever

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Loki88765544, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. Loki88765544

    Loki88765544 Members

    Hi guys...

    So I'm a guy. I'm bisexual and I've just had my first sexual experience with a girl.....my ex girlfriend is trans and she's the only person I've had sex with before this. She's pre op mtf. We had sex regularly and it was always great.

    Anyways, I just had my first encounter with a cisgender girl....it was completely a once off thing. Everything was going okay until we started fucking.....for almost every thrust she was just queefing...like pussy farting. It was horrible. And it really really stank. Like after I left, I just couldn't get the smell out of my nose. I don't know whether it was psychological because I was so disgusted or whether the smell really lingered. Like usually during foreplay I give oral sex but im just so relieved I didn't.

    I know how funny and weird this story probably sounds. I mean it sounds like something someone would make up. I created this profile pretty much to talk about this because it was just so disgusting. I'm hoping that this was just poor personal hygiene on her part. I'm never seeing her again. It was just gross. Is this something that happens often? Like I can understand that queefing could be involuntary but I really hope this isn't something that's normal. I mean if that's the case, I may be put off having sex with cisgender girls. Please assure me this isn't the case.
  2. Rjm

    Rjm Members

    Queefing does happen from time to time (you're shoving something in sometimes air is going to go in and then escape the only way it can). However, unlike a real fart it shouldn't (and I've never known it to) smell. It is not the product of bacteria breaking bits down and creating waste gases(like a normal fart) it is just air that's coming back out. I wouldn't let your one experience put you off cisgender women unless you are unattracted to them.
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  3. Loki88765544

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    Thanks Rjm. Alot of what I've been reading online seems to point to everything youve said. I don't know what the smell was. It could've been the condom. It could've been the candles she lit. It could've just been her room. But I think I was just grossed out by the queefing and connected the two together. I guess I also didn't expect it to be like that. I mean I've heard of queefing before but this was like every other thrust.

    No. Im attracted to girls mostly, including trans girls. After reading up a bit more, Im not gonna let this ruin having sex with cis girls. Although I think I'd probably stick to sex in relationships rather than once off nobody's I hardly know. That way I'd probably be a little more comfortable if any strange or different things happen.
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  4. NubbinsUp

    NubbinsUp Members

    You have a personal sample of a total of two sex partners, and only one of them has a vagina. Do not draw any general conclusion about the physiology of 46, XX humans from your personal sample of one individual.

    Like your own private parts, those of women have sebaceous glands and other natural lubricants. Yes, they have natural odors, just as yours do. Each of us is unique, and we each produce different odors that vary based on diet, hormone levels and combinations, body and ambient temperature, type of physical activity, level of arousal, and many other factors. Just as not all human armpits smell the same, not all vaginas smell the same. In fact, the armpits of each one of us give off unique odors, and all vaginas do also.

    If you don't like the smell, you don't like the smell. However, you entered the world through a birth canal, with its perfectly natural human odor. There's nothing innately unpleasant about any odor, unlike an aversion to loud noises and fear of falling which are with us from birth and the product of human evolution. We learn through association and experience to like or dislike certain odors in our environment.

    My best guess is that your negative perception of this one person's natural odor is based on association with some other odor in your past (and not your being born) that you have come to see potentially harmful, and that the aversion you experienced and continue to perceive is purely psychological. You can overcome the negative perception and association, it if you care to.
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  5. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    One girl in my life a white girl. He vagina was so big that it was horrible. I hope she got the tightening surgery.
  6. jimandjan

    jimandjan Member

    I can't say I ever had a bad sex experience. Only the ones that didn't happen, I regret not doing a couple of women, that I could have. I did a married woman once, where she asked me to go in the house and help her get something, while her husband, stayed outside. She pulled her pants down, and we did it for about 1 or 2 minutes. While looking out a window to make sure he didn't come in. I didn't even consider it sex, But we did that a couple more times, every time the same thing, rather he was on the mover or starting a fire in the grill. Never more that a minute or 2 each time. She must have got some kind of kick out of it. I tried to get her to meet me some time, wher we could have real sex, but she never would.
  7. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    Now that is a hot story, wow.
  8. Barry Mandelay

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    Pussy farts are hilarious. I remember the first time I heard her pussy fart as I thrust my cock in. I had a quick what the fuck thought. Then it happened a few thrusts later. She started to giggle and the more farting happened the more she laughed. Laughter is contagious and before long I was right there with her. So much so I lost my erection and laid down beside her until we both calmed down. After a bit she got me going again and we finished quietly. Well, at least her pussy quit with the farts. That goes to show how much fun sex can be. It's messy, noisy, sweaty, great exercise, and above all a boatload of fun and pleasure. The OP, long since gone, is taking the queefing action to seriously. Now the strong odor might have been from her pussy being infected. That's more of a concern that the farts.
  9. nldn

    nldn Senior Member

    A ONS with a woman where I did not touch both sides, so to speak.
  10. randomdude1983

    randomdude1983 Totally Yoda Lifetime Supporter

    Years ago New Years Eve. Yeah. I'll leave it at that.

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