Worst book?

Discussion in 'Non-Fiction Books' started by MaccaByrd, Jul 4, 2009.

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    Stuff by Freud, I coul never read more than 2-3 sentences of this sick shit, the guy should never have abused cocaine.
  2. Just_a_woman

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    I've read books written to promote religion. It's so bad, it hurts. They go on and on about things that don't exist, like gods and other myths.
  3. MSRosetti

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    Any book involving teenagers and zombies/vampires.
  4. pipgirl

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    50 shades of grey.

    And i read all three of them, because once i start a book/ series, i HAVE to finish it...
  5. gaharcata

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    I personnaly hate Macbeth. Macbeth is a character that has no sympathy for others. Some say that he deserves sympathy because he was a victim of three witches and lady Macbeth. Still, is it possible that they only awoke the deepest desires of his, after which he started to get more power which he eventualy in the end lost? The play, in my opinion, has a question of determinism within itself. Are we able to control our destiny, or everything is already preconditioned, and there is no way for us to change it? We should in a way feel sympathy with him. But you should ask yourself, would you feel sympathy for a murdered nowadays if he was a victim of circumstances? If your answer is yes, then you should base your paper on sympathy for him. Throughout entire play you can see how he is not in control. Just when he starts to question himself and his actions, lady Macbeth pushes him further to his destruction, what would end up being her's as well.
    It is my opinion that the only way we can help you, without breaking any rules, is to recommend you to read into the play deeper and find the answer for yourself. Still, I hope I helped you to start. Also - hamlet is the worst.
  6. I would list Fahrenheit 451 on my worst books list, too. I don't get it, either. He wrote another book I read that was even worse, though. Something about a demonic carnival. I can't remember the name.
  7. Moby Dick was definitely the worst book I've ever read, though. It seems like over half of it was just an encyclopedia of the different kinds of whales.
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  8. guerillabedlam

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    This, at least attempting to read it as a teenager.

    This might have been the book that made me discover Cliff Notes.
  9. StellarCoon

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    If you want to understand "the Hispanic experience" and what it's like for one growing up in NYC, this is the absolute worst book to pick up.

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