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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by orioles1744, Dec 30, 2013.

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    So I've been talking to this girl for a couple weeks but have known her for over a year. When she left last night she asked me for a kiss and pointed to her cheek. I kissed her on her cheek and when she left she text me and said you really should have kissed me I said I know. Then she told me I should send her a pic and I told her so send me some first she sent me on of her in her bra and one of her pulling her panties down a little. So today she asked me for a pic of my stuff lol. I can snapchat it and it will go away so she won't have it to keep. I have low self a-steam I think I always say I'm fat but everyone tells me I'm not even people who I know would be honest I also feel like I'm not that big down there I don't know if its from seeing these huge guys on movies or what I think Im avg how can I het over this and Do girls like shaved or just trimmed up? I need advice bad thanks in advance.
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    So, why do you have to send pictures if you can see her in person?
    Just tell her you aren't into exchanging pics. She'll be fine with it, I'm sure. Just ask for a date.
    If the two of you are in to each other, the more you see each other in person, the more you will feel comfortable about your body with her.
    I don't push the issue with people and pictures, it's a very personal thing and should be respected.
    It's ok to not feel comfortable sending pictures of your body parts.
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    I like to see a some hair down there on a guy. No hair seems really….. eh idk. But ya trim it up so so it can be seen well in the pic you know?

    I don't mind pics, neither does my man. We live together and still send them to each other regularly when ever we're apart. I'd rather look at his dick than anyone else's.

    Take a pic of it kind of up close, it will look big no matter what.
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    How old are you anyway?

    One thing to keep in mind is that 90% of what they tell you in books and magazines about sex, about things that men just have to be and do in order to be attractive to women, is bullshit. Get into the habit of not taking them seriously. (I know it will take time, but you have to start someday.) Observe actual people in the real world instead. Trust what you experience, not what people write or show in order to create an interesting story in order to make money.

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