World Contact with Aliens

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    Every year on June 6, a gathering takes place in Théopolis in Haute Provence (Saint-Geniez in Sisteron) to ask officially gods, our alien friends, to come. click here.


    Ask aliens to come. Indeed, that is the purpose. UFO sightings are numerous throughout the world. Aliens exist and are there in our planet’s environment. As they are superior to us, they are waiting for us to express our wish to meet them. Now, it is possible ! Come to the site. The important thing is to be there every year to ask for contact with a strong desire for respect and fraternity.

    The Théopolis site is the central point of all sites open on that day throughout the world. If you want to make June 6 an Alien contact day every year, select a spot in your region and send invitations on internet forums. Describe the itinerary on your site and send the link to me at

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