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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by happyhippyflower, Jan 30, 2005.

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    Why are businesses that are dominated by foreigners, let's say Indians, never hiring? I purposely went to gas stations, mini marts and other stores that were all Indian or Hispanic, and I got the same look from them all when I asked for an application: wtf is this american dipshit thinking?
    They were almost condescending, you know? And strangely after each of them turned me down, they watched me like a hawk exiting their property. I guess they thought the 'american' in me was going to flip out over being denied.

    Deep down I think the big heads at those stores fall victim to a lot of the stereotypes slapped on americans and choose to only hire their own kind. Can you blame them?
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    Well, keep in mind that a lot of these gas stations, mini marts and Convenience stores are family-operated. That's why you never see a white person behind the register at some of these places.
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    Are you really 63 or is that for someone else's benefit? Maybe they are not anti-Caucasian, but don't like old people. Maybe they don't like hippies. Maybe they detected an anti-Hispanic/anti-Indian vibe. Maybe they thought you were cursed. Maybe it's late and I should be thinking about ironing the sheets before I hit the hay.
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    you shouldnt be denied a job because of your race/religion/sex..... I think you should take this up to the courts!

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