Wool socks, pure thick yarn (great wholesale paying proposition)

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    Wool socks, pure thick yarn (great wholesale paying proposition)

    100% pure wool yarn thick socks

    Retail pricing:
    $8 per pair + $6 shipping worldwide

    Wholesale pricing:

    from 10x - 7$ per pair + 24$ shipping of 10x pairs package
    from 50x - 6$ per pair + 120$ shipping of 50x pairs package
    from 100x - 5$ per pair + 230$ shipping of 100x pairs package

    Market price of this item is 15-30 $ per pair.
    It is selling ok at eBay.

    The socks are warm, durable, and comfortable and they are ideal for sporting and recreational activities such as walking, running, skiing, snowshoeing, skating, tobogganing, as well as for everyday use.
    Also great for hiking or boot sock or cold weather sock. The wool provides a natural temperature regulation, dry, comfortable feet on overnight camping trips or longer hikes. They also have outstanding therapeutic qualities and actually suitable for any occasion if you need a heavier comfortable sock.

    Item images/details available by link: http://www.keyglobe.com/item_form.php?item_id=2

    Ebay item available for bidding or By it Now.


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