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  1. Any of you guys heard these guys before... i absolutely love them.. have seen them a couple times.. their shows are amazing... and quite interesting at times... sometimes they have huge stage shows like 10+ people on stage... i suggest checking out some of their songs on their website wookiefoot.com... or their myspace.... they are very Charity visioned... doing charity for a bunch of overseas charities... this year they are holding a festival called Project E.A.R.T.H. where ALL and they mean ALL money raised is going to charity... and their other festival Harvest Fest also raises money for overseas charities... they just spent the past 4 months in Asia and the Nepalese area going from one small non-profit organization to the next seeing how well things are goin and distributing money that they raised last year... Mark the lead singer is a great guy... i got to eat lunch with him once and just sit and bullshit and whatnot... i deffinately suggest checking these guys out... they're worth every bit of a ticket... and their music is amazing
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    Yeah wookiefoot is sweet, too bad my friend who I was going to go to Harvest Fest with is in the Dominican Republic for six months :( I've never seen them perform live but I like their recordings. And my friend said they're awesome at harvest fest.


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