Woodstock Nation and other yippie books...

Discussion in 'Books' started by wastingthedawn, May 19, 2004.

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    I've read a few books by yippie! authors like Abbie Hoffman and Gerry Rubbin, they're pretty much all amazing...

    I just finished Woodstock Nation-Abbie Hoffman and wow it's like as you read it you get more and more excited, and ready to stand up for your freedom and rights...It's just like when I read Scenerio's For Revolution-Gerry Rubbin, got me all worked up, Or Steal This Books-Abbie Hoffman

    I just think this is just their writing- scribbling down all their opinions into books...Think of how powerful their speeches and rallys must have been...damn would have loved to see them...

    If anybody has anyother Yippie/revolution books to recommend that would be awesome...Thanks,

    I'm just about to start Revolution for the Hell of it...
  2. dylanzeppelin

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    hey there. i love abbie's books. i read steal this book and i'm now on his book, "revolution for the hell of it" ..so far so good.. i love reading those books.. makes me wanna go back to the 60s so much more now.. have a nice night!
  3. Fractual_

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    i have always been more of a pyschadelic reader... but you made woodstock nation sound amazing

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