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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by kitty fabulous, Aug 23, 2005.

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    i've been running out of energy really easily right before, and during the first few days of my period. i'm wondering if i need more iron then? i've been taking plain unsweetened soymilk with brewer's yeast, hemp protien powder, and blackstrap molasses (it's better tasting than it sounds, really) to supplement my iron intake and it does seem to perk me up a bit.

    can anyone tell me more about a woman's nutritional needs before and during her period? and do times of excess stress or grief affect one's nutritional needs?
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    i don't know about iron, but you could try vitamin b12...we have b12 injections where i work and they always give me more energy...not just that, they make me happier and in a better mood...so that might help with the irritability during your period too :)
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    I recomend organic mineral supplements derived from ocean sources. Iron is important and so are about 90+ other minerals your average american is depleted of.
    Try rawfood.com
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    According to my research, the most bio-available form of iron is from animal sources. This haem iron. The iron you get from plant sources is non-haem iron that is not as easily absorbed by the human body. However there is also some research that suggests that if you take high amounts of vitamin C such as orange juice with your meals that have the non-haem iron then you can increase the bioavailability. When I have had roast lamb for dinner, the following day , I throw back the bed sheets and bounce out of bed and roar with energy.

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