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  1. I decided to make an apple pipe and try to smoke some of the buds I had. No doubt I didn't do that much, but I didn't need to. In fact, now I don't even understand how I could handle smoking more than I did (less than a nickel) without being completely fucked up! BTW first time smoking (in case you didn't know)

    The smoke was harsh, but I didn't cough at all and I definitely inhaled. At first, nothing happened, and I thought I hadn't done it right. So I decided to smoke some more, and then it sort of kicked in. I was trying to smoke the buds and i almost... felt... like... I... couldn't... do it.

    the first real thing I noticed was that my eyes became heavier and lazier, and they were kind of sticky, closing shut. Then I began to feel mild tickling in my brain and arms. It's hard to explain the whole experience, but I remember thinking "am I high? or am I just imagining that I am..." I decided to listen to some music, and when I thought about if I was high, I just giggled a lot randomly. And the music made me happy. At this point my eyes were really read and closed, which was really funny to look at. ONe thing that was amazing was when I was walking, every time I blinked I felt like my eyes were a camera, and they were slightly zooming in or zooming out every time I blinked. I didn't realize I would be paranoid, and I decided that my Axe can was room deodorizer. I basically sprayed like half a can everywhere, more on this later.

    What felt really cool was my sweater. It was like tingling my arms, and I imagined that they felt numb (why is it that you imagine these things instead of... feeling them?) I felt very heavy, but in a good way. music sounded cool, although anything trippy (and slightly bleak or scary, like Radiohead) didn't sound good. i was mostly listening to Bob Marley, Slightly Stoopid, Sublime, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and I think Grateful Dead Dick's Pick's vol. 8. It's really hard to explain this all, I just can't put it in to words. Overall, I felt like I was experiencing all the same things, just... from a different point of view, or like a different body. Oh yeah, and my mouth was really dry, still kind of is.

    Now to deviate for a bit. I didn't realize how paranoid I was being by spraying AXE everywhere as room deodorant. Now my uncle lives in my basement. At about 1:15, I hear a rumbling, AND HE WALKS UP TO THE KITCHEN WHERE I WAS. "Dude, what's that smell." This was really crazy, I was trying to talk to him, but I couldn't think of anything to say and I was just mumbling. I basically fucked up any chance of being let off the hook because I was saying very stupid things in a very weird way. I felt sort of numb, and I had to stop from laughing at my stupid responses. He basically told me he smelled Axe everywhere, and asked me why I was acting so weird. After trying to avoid it, I told him I had smoked pot and tried to cover the smell.

    He was so cool about it. He told me he smoked grass as a teenager, and gave me some pointers about the smell and when to do it and how to not get caught. He pointed out the faults in my plan, and said better things to not get caught, etc. He also told me it was better with friends because it is more of a social thing. The whole time he talked to me he was giggling like he was listening to his favorite joke for the millionth time, or like, nostalgia. I didn't actually get buzzkill from that, I was happy that he was so cool and nice about it. He told me, "now it's late, you should go to bed, dreams are great when you're high."

    BTW at this time I was pretty high, I coulnd't control myself at all. I'm trying to think of more to say, but this is already a long rambling post. I just wanted to post my experience with all of you, it was so awesome.

    :D :cheers2:

    FINAL EDIT: I forgot to mention that I only slept for like 5 1/2 hours, but I woke up really well rested and energetic, which is awesome because I usually have trouble sleeping.
  2. Don't you love it when adults are chill about it? What do you think your parents would say?(I'm assuming that your live with them, and your uncle just lives there too?)
  3. Well my dad I think is very anti-pot, he has tried to talk to me about "how bad it is" multiple times, and my mom is similar, but she's not very proactive about it. Overall, my mom would be cooler with it, but I would still get in trouble.

    But my parents are divorced so I would only blaze at me mom's
  4. mmg

    mmg fish out of water

    if my kids smoked pot. i'd kut them into pieces and melt 'em in acid.
  5. Yeah I know what you mean. My parents caught me. They were pretty mad. If they ever caught me again, I'd be grounded forever. My dad smoked cigarettes for a long time, and I think that's one of the reasons why he doesn't like me smoking pot(cause its same concept). And my mom was friends with someone since she was like 10 or something, and her friend smoked pot for like 15 years, and now she doesn't live in a very great house, and she has never even touched a computer, so when she got one, she didn't even know how to turn it on and my mom had to teach her.

    So yeah my mom doesn't want that to happen to me I guess. But it's not going to, because I obviously know how to turn on a computer already since I'm on this website, right?

    EDIT: nice mmg. have fun. lol.
  6. Does doing weed change you mentally after you've done it once? Like, you're not the same, but not necessarily in a bad way? Im just wondering because right now I feel completely normal like I was in my sober state of my mind, which I guess is a good thing.
  7. Whoever is so sexually attracted to marijuana that they must "do it" definitely has had some mental changes, or is entirely retarded, or they just have a lot of weed to spare lol :D
  8. I'm just so excited b/c I only did like one bowl of a couple little buds, I can't even imagine what doing more would be like!

    I didn't feel very functional when high, so whoever "must do it" is definitely retarded... or they do have a lot of weed hehe
  9. CircaX43521

    CircaX43521 rat in a drain ditch

    don't say you "did" a bowl of weed, it makes you sound inexperienced.

    say you smoked a bowl.

    oh, and by the way, welcome to the cannabis culture.
  10. Thank you, im very happy right now, i still have some more!
  11. That is what is up. I wish weed was so available to me when I first started. I would have to go almost a month at a time before being able to smoke more, but it made me appreciate it a lot when I first started.
  12. puffed up in my ford

    puffed up in my ford Senior Member

    just dont abuse it or overdo it.remember you can control how high you want to be.just take a hit or 2 and wait a few minutes.then take a few more if you want and see how ya feel.if youre in school dont let it interfere with it.

    i used to be antiweed.didnt bother me if people smoked around me cuz i actually did like the smell of it.didnt bother me if people were high around either.i tried it twice when i was younger and didnt care for it.i waited a long time before trying it again last year.now i guess i could be called a pothead cuz i love it.i dont need to smoke it but want to.doesnt bother me when i dont have any.i have a blast when i smoke with friends.but if youre under 18 you do need to be careful with who you puff with,especially if your parents are against it.mine never were and let my brothers and sister smoke all they wanted and even smoked with them.
  13. MrDot

    MrDot Senior Member

    Dats cool man, I'm glad you had a good experience, I hate when people freak out about it. Ya know, it's my choice get the fuck over it. Since I can't smoke at this point in time, I just started smoking ciggarettes, my mom smokes so I'm like FUCK YOU, if you wont let me do something that is harmless then I'll just find another more dangerous way of calming my nerves.

    PS. My counsler daignosed me with extreme anxiety disorder, skitzophrenia and clinical depression so obviously this is why I go else where for nerve relief.
  14. †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg

    †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg Eminent Herbalist

    You can't even smoke one time without getting cuaght?...
  15. weedwhacker

    weedwhacker TFM Bro!

    you should smoke with your uncle
  16. †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg

    †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg Eminent Herbalist

    You should rape your uncle.
  17. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear


  18. weedwhacker

    weedwhacker TFM Bro!

    this calls for surprise buttsecks
  19. I don't know if my uncle would want to smoke know, he's kind of past that or "over with it" or something, I mean he's like 50 years old I think he has moved on, so to speak.

    I dont know tho

    Oh yea, and as for the getting caught thing. I didn't realize what I was doing was stupid and my uncle sleeps under the kitchen floor, so every step I take on that level sounds like a giant thud to him. I tried to mask the smell by spraying axe everywhere=bad idea.
  20. †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg

    †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg Eminent Herbalist

    ...Why were you smoking in the kitchen?...

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