Without the Warmth

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    Without the Warmth

    He loved her so much

    And they both know what changed

    The life she once lived

    Completely rearranged

    She tells him she loves him

    But nothing he'll reply

    All she'll feel is emptiness

    And that is why she'll cry.

    She knows she isn't perfect

    God knows he isn't either

    And neither of them know

    What happened to the fever

    They one felt for each other

    That just disappeared

    And all that she can hope

    Is that it will reappear

    She misses his touch

    His kiss, his love

    And what keeps her sain

    The memory above

    But for now she cannot change his heart

    She must live like this

    Within the dark

    Without the warmth

    Of a touch or kiss

    She must first fix herself

    Of a rotten disease.

    It chews her up

    It spits her out

    It leaves her bare

    But she cannot doubt

    That someday she'll be herself again

    And no longer will she need to pretend

    The silence he gives

    Does no offend.

    As the day will come

    When her illness is gone

    Back to herself

    She will belong.

    And maybe someday

    She will turn to say

    The words from which

    She wish he'd portray

    And no longer will that silence prevail

    He’ll open his mouth

    And with a gail

    He’ll utter those words

    Her dreams will come true

    His reply will be

    I love you too

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    I really like this! A LOT! I really enjoyed reading it!

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