wish I could remember what it felt like

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by littleskinny, May 30, 2004.

  1. littleskinny

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    My hands
    help me to understand the world I'm seeing.
    My taste-buds are not always so helpful
    in my quest for understanding.

    But then again, my thirst for knowledge
    should not be confused
    with my wonder at solid food.

    Takes so much effort and concentration
    And I'm so frustrated at the fact
    that my eyes refuse to stay open!!

    I don't know these words yet
    and by the time I do I'll have long forgotten
    all the things my early childhood had to say.
  2. Spyder

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    thats an interesting comment on the search for understanding!

    as far as i can tell the message is live, not look
  3. saffronfrancisburnet

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    great poam
    if only we could remember
    to be able to see.
    you see now .........

    love n peace from saff
    i feel so lost for sight
    and find myself forgetting
    what i was, who i am,
    where i was heading
    all the same in circles
    or coasters,,
    live life to share
    like you do..

    thank you again....
  4. borut16

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    Great poem, I really like the way it's written, in some 'new' way which I haven't really read before, and it flows very nice.

    Good job,
  5. littleskinny

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    It was inspired by my niece, who is one. The capacity for learning at that age is so tremendous, and wonderful to watch, as she learns to understand and experience in her innocence. To remember what it felt like to see the world in such an incredulous and innocent light, without the handicaps of an education, politics, conditioning, would be such an asset to every adult trying to make sense of things.Thank you for all your comments :)

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