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Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by nuspieds, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. mattygroves

    mattygroves Barefooter

    I went out for a short New Years Day barefoot walk around town today. I don't usually do any proper outdoor barefooting til at least March, but it was fairly mild and it seemed like a good way to start 2018

    One of my new years resolutions is to go barefoot outside more than ever before this year.
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  2. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    i just ran out to my car and back. that was just fucking painful. and since i wasn't wearing shoes, i wasn't able to take them off at the door and i ended up tracking snow around my apartment.
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  3. Sir Arthur

    Sir Arthur Member

    The tile floor in my house makes it hard to go barefoot in cold weather sometimes.
    Sometimes I go naked except for socks around the house. My wife thinks it’s pretty funny. I say, it’s just functional!
  4. *pixy*

    *pixy* Member

    For me it's just the other way round. I have floor heating in my flat, so i always can go barefoot, but during the winter period usually it's not the comfy general temperature to go nude the whole day.
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  5. Sir Arthur

    Sir Arthur Member

    I actually enjoy being nude when it’s a bit chilly.
  6. SoftSoles

    SoftSoles Member

    When indoors, I largely remain barefoot throughout the winter months - turning the heating up to 22C certainly helps to ensure that the cold doesn't affect my feet too severely. Sadly, my barefooting outdoors since the end of October, here in the UK, has become largely restricted to stepping out on to the drive to place rubbish in the bin, or heading out to the car to retrieve items.

    That said, with Xmas out of the way, I'm certainly hoping to experience odd days where temperatures exceed 10C, allowing me to enjoy a barefoot run or two (my feet are really missing it) along the beach and promenade, before the weather begins to improve from late March.
  7. sixties_freak

    sixties_freak Member

    The other night I was at my friends place and we went outside for a cigarette. I was barefoot and the weather was about -8 celcius.
    My friends all saId I was crazy, but I was only outside for about 5 minutes. It actually felt
    pretty good, though I'm waiting until the spring to start barefooting fulltime again.
    Try everything once,lol.
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  8. Barefoot Rick

    Barefoot Rick Member

    Yes i do i live in Utah and it gets real cold like -10 degree. And i do get funny looks and sometime ask if I'm crazy or if I'm homeless? I tell them no I'm not crazy and I'm not homeless. I have been going barefoot for over 27 years. I don't like shoes or socks .i even go the the movie theater barefoot nobody even says a thing to me at all i go to restaurant not a fast food but a restaurant barefoot people took at my bare feet i get some people come up and tell me they wish they could go barefoot like i do. But they don't don't want the looks and they don't want people to ask questions. Me i don't mind the looks or questions. I do see some if the people that ask questions i will see them and there kids barefoot at Wal-Mart i think it's great and they tell me that not they go barefoot every day. And the mom said at least i don't have to wash stinking socks i smiled and said i will see you later but before i could leave the dad said here's our number call us so we can go walking on a trail barefoot i said ok i will call you.
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