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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by choicestgirl, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. choicestgirl

    choicestgirl Member

    I want to keep my fringe undreaded and ..a lot of my hair undreaded but create perhaps five at the top of my head...
    would it be difficult to maintain that way?
    also i have read to only wash every 3 days or less often..can i wash them more than this?

    please reply! :)
  2. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    u can try..
    they'll eventialy start suckin in loose hairs
    the loose hairs round the fringe (whatever u mean by that) will really start to annoy ya i think
    ya dont wanna wash every day u wanna wash when needs it, and thats usualy bout weekly
  3. choicestgirl

    choicestgirl Member

    i have a full fringe which covers my foreheaaad; that's what i mean :)

    do people..do that? have some parts dreaded and some not? or do they not because of the reason you gave?
  4. spork*

    spork* Member

    My fringe/bangs are undreaded, and I just wash them a bit more often than the rest of my hair. They're pretty easy to keep seperate from the dreads. I don't know about keeping most of your hair undreaded though, I think the dreads will just suck up the loose hair. Might be tricky, but I guess if you're williing to seperate them fairly often you might be ok. Oh, and if you wash more often, just make sure to dry them really well, to avoid mold and suchlike.
  5. choicestgirl

    choicestgirl Member

    okay thanks that's very helpful

    can you suggest any non-residue-leaving shampoo that i can get in any shop? ie, tescos :|
  6. blank cd

    blank cd Member

    actually, if you comb your bangs, there's absolutely no reason they will get sucked into your dreads.

    i've maintained mine for 3+ years...it's not really rocket science.
  7. spork*

    spork* Member

    For non-residue shampoo, I have Dr. Bronner's peppermint. Don't know how widely available it is, here I found it at a health food type store though. I'm currently using up a shampoo bar from Knotty Boy which is good, but overpriced.. before I knew any better, lol. Anyways, lots of people seem to like Bronner's, so try some of that maybe?
  8. choicestgirl

    choicestgirl Member

    thanks! you're replies are very helpful.
    my hair is dyed..how would i go about dying my hair if i decided to dread it?
    also..say i changed my mind..which is unlikely if i actually decide to do it, when you comb out dreads ( i would not be happy with a shaved head :|) is the hair generally in a bad condition? because it was..knotted? is there any way of gradually growing dreads out also?
  9. choicestgirl

    choicestgirl Member

    okay thanks your replies have been very helpful! :)
    um i already tried posting this and it doesn't seem to have appeared..so;
    i have dyed hair and i was wondering if i could still dye it with dreads?
    and in the unlikely chance that if i actually get dreads, i ever want to lose them, is there anyway of..growing them out? and if i comb them out will the hair be a state.. (i imagine it would..but i dont' want to be bald!)
  10. s0ma

    s0ma Member

    you can still dye your dreads, but it'll probably take more dye than usual, because they're so absorbent.
    i don't know about getting rid of dreads, but i've heard that you can get a leave-in conditioner for them and try to comb them out that way.
  11. spork*

    spork* Member

    You can definitely dye them, just don't use the conditioner package afterwards. And leave lots of time in between dye jobs so they don't get too brittle. And make sure you just coat the outsides of the dreads, don't try to squish the dye inside.

    I don't know a whole lot about getting rid of dreads, but I've heard of people with like 3 year old dreads managing to comb them out. I think most people cut them a bit shorter, comb them out - with lots of conditioner, and then more conditioner and a haircut when you're finished. I have no personal experience, but I've seen some really healthy looking hair come out of dreads actually, so I wouldn't worry too much!
  12. choicestgirl

    choicestgirl Member

    thanks :)
    that is brilliant newwwws, haha.
    me and my boyfriend started to create my first dread tonight! it takes longer than first thought (we backcombed it)
    so yes! :) thanks.

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