Will the @real Maui Wowie please stand up???

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Will the @real Maui Wowie please stand up???

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  1. Hawaiian Pakalōlō Roots: Maui Wowie Originz


    Will the real Maui Wowie please stand up?

    In the new world of hype strain names like Girl Scout Cookie (is it Forum Cut or Thin Mint?), the newly rebooted Tangie (or Tangerine Dream from back in the day), OG Kush, Chem Dawg, New York City and Sour Diesel (with their countless hybrids and offspring springing up daily) many names reign supreme, but which marijuana moniker is the most hype Pakalōlō name of all time?

    The 90’ brought us the legendary wonder weed: White Widow. Winner of countless awards and hailed as the strongest Pakalōlō on Earth until the turn of the century, she is a cold contender in any Cannabis cup. ‘98 Aloha White Widow still circulates throughout the underground Hawaiian Pakalōlō community and is searched for and discussed on numerous online cannabis forums around the globe. Northern Lights and NL #5 were the 1st strains developed specifically to be grown indoors to meet the challenges presented by the cruel and misguided war on drugs, earning every bit of the hype they received.

    Those of us who still see a correlation between two ancient devices; a pencil and a cassette tape, will no doubt recognize the cannabis classic Skunk #1 along with Hashplant, Crippy, Gainesville Green, and other oldies but goodies from the hairspray era that burnt a hole in our ozone layer and burned many a 80’s student reflecting on their high school yearbook photos and wardrobe choices even worse.

    Those of us around in the 70’s can clearly recall through the cumulus cannabis clouds of history, enjoying the wonderful landrace Pakalōlō of the planet from Kona Gold, Puna Buddaz and Kaua’i Electric here in Hawai’i to Purple Haze, Colombian Gold, Panama Red, Kush, Alaskan Thunderfuck and those sweet sticky Thai sticks the Vietnam veterans brought with them when they returned from war to Hawai’i for healing.

    All of these strain names and many more have passed our lips with love as we exhale their namesake happily high, but is there one strain to rule them all?

    Well I'm glad you asked...

    The most hype strain of all time is...

    Maui Wowie!

    Without a doubt,
    hands down,
    the most popular strain name of all time!!

    With more mentions and accolades in movies than any other strain in history from the Cheech and Chong movies to Half Baked to the secret ingredient in Pineapple Express, and possibly even the strain responsible for Snoop Dogg being held back in school for so many years as he was just chillin on Hawai’i time, with no worries or hurries to graduate, just going with the flow in the movie Mac and Devin go to High School high on that good Maui Wowie!

    By 1978 Cheech and Chong had even sampled our Maui Wowie (mixed with some labrador;-) in one of the largest joints of all time. Along with the name Maui Wowie, the daring doobie duo got the rolling style of massive dome knocking phattys from Hawai’i where we like burn cuz!

    No doubt Hollywood, like the rest of the world, loves Maui Wowie.

    George Harrison of The Beatles loved Maui Wowie so much he purchased a 63 acre estate in Lower Nāhiku and later purchased 100 more acres as he was enchanted by our community and unique lush tropical environment so.

    Maui Wowie has traveled far from her humble homeland in lower Nāhiku off the legendary long and winding road herself; the Hana highway to please Pakalōlō lovers palates worldwide.

    Kids if you are reading this; what are you doing reading this?!?!
    Why don’t you go do some school work, or play a video game or better yet go outside and play with your dog and enjoy nature!

    Parents if you are reading this to your kids, you are the coolest parents ever but might it be time to switch back to Dr. Seuess, as this story involves various colorful psychedelic substances (it was the 60’s after all) and you don’t want your children turning on, tuning in and dropping out to teach you about the wonders of the universe at such a young age do you?

    Now back to our regularly scheduled deprogramming...

    It was the 60’s the era of peace love and happiness, it was also a time of war and conflict. In an unprecedented movement people around the globe began uniting in a collective desire for peace, love and happiness. Many counterculture activists fled to the Hawaiian islands to escape persecution.

    In lower Nāhiku a psychedelic summer solstice celebration was about to take place that would change the world of Pakalōlō forever.

    Here is our full interview with Bradda Joseph of Hana Maui, who hosted the lower Nāhiku summer solstice celebrations from the 1960’s all the way up until to 2004:

    “It is funny how much hype surrounds this funny little plant we love so much... (inhaling deeply on a doobie of freshly cured to perfection real deal Maui Wowie straight from the source in lower Nāhiku Maui)

    So many people have said they have Maui Wowie, there are even new people showing up that say Maui Wowie never existed because so many people put the name Maui Wowie on their shwag to make money and ride the hype train to hell, but the real Maui Wowie is a specific recognizable strain, a genetic Hawaiian ‘Ohana from down here (lower Nāhiku). Just try bringing any imposter false “Maui Wowie” down to da landing to blaze wit da Bradda’s and Sista’s and see if you no catch dirty lickin’s.

    The real story of how we started the name Maui Wowie is a glorious story of peace and love, a meeting of two worlds, tale of two tribes to say, when the counterculture hippies made peace with Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) culture.

    In the 60’s there was still lots of animosity between the Hawaiian people and the hippies. The Hawaiian Kingdom had recently been overthrown, about 60 years before the 60’s and many Hawaiians were distrustful of the new wave of haole hippies that began migrating in those days.

    There were still stories of hippies being thrown off bridges and being beaten up really badly going around and with every new incident the walls between Hawaiian culture and hippy counterculture got thicker.

    Then came summer solstice and the hippies threw a huge psychedelic party down in Lower Nāhiku. There were clouds of smoke everywhere, you could smell Pakalōlō all da way up Hana highway! People were playing music and dancing it was awesome! A few truck loads of Hawaiians showed up looking menacing, it seemed as if the party was about to get broken up before it even started.

    The Hawaiians had been out planting their own Pakalōlō, as summer solstice is the day with the most sunlight of the year. Apparently the Hawaiians smelled the Pakalōlō and heard da music and came over to check it out. Instead of busting out bats to beat up hippies they busted out their own Pakalōlō and started rolling bat sized doobies, passing them around to everyone.

    The hippies had some really good Pakalōlō like Panama Red, Acapulco Gold and this killer Vietnam grass and crazy Thai stick weed from the returning Vets that made you start sweating and tripping out, but then the Hawaiian Pakalōlō started going around and we reached a whole new level. The hippies were astounded by true Hawaiian Pakalōlō, everyone wanted to know the strain name, as strain names were becoming increasingly popular in those days.

    The Hawaiians called it Nāhiku Maui budz.

    It was like nothing the hippies had tried before.

    There were some really killer cubensis mushrooms from the Big Island and all kinds of colorful LSD sheets and liquid going round.

    It was crazy man!

    Everyone was trippin' balls, hippies, Hawaiians I think even the trees and birds were trippin with us, cuz we were all on this super high vibration like a collective consciousness or something.

    Groovy is a good word we used to use back in the day that would describe the vibe.

    We all were seeing heart to heart, Hawaiians and hippies, eye to eye, third eye to third eye.

    The hippies explained for the first time to the Hawaiians that they were afraid of the Hawaiians, but loved and admired Hawaiian culture and the Hawaiians told them the reasons they were upset with the new comers invading their homeland; things like being naked around ‘Ohana (family) beaches and how haoles (foreigners) always mispronounced Hawaiian names and words.

    Even the name of the island Maui, the Hawaiians were explaining how it was pronounced with a powerful guttural MA-oo-WEE. “Say it with Mana (power, spiritual energy)... Maui!” da Braddaz would say.

    The Hawaiians told the legend of the demigod and trickster Māui, who snared the sun and of how Māui was the name of a star near the Pleiades that lined up perfectly with lower Nāhiku, some theories even say Maui Wowie was brought by extraterrestrials who would visit lower Nāhiku landing (ha, the landing literally) back in the time before missiles when there was peace, Hawaiians and hippies had some real similar views on the Universe.

    Hippies were trying to learn to speak Hawaiian language correctly but we were all trippin’ so hard we could barely talk and the Hawaiian Pakalōlō was so good everyone kept saying “wow” when they hit it. It was hilarious seeing hippies all high like “MAooEE” then “Wow” when they hit the doob and Hawaiians like no “Māui MA-oEE” and hippies like “no wow da weed man”, everyone all laughing, what a party!

    All anyone could say was “wow” when they tasted the local bud, soon all you could hear was trippy and echos of: “wowie, maui wowie, maui” everyone all totally tripping at this huge psychedelic bash down Lower Nāhiku!

    It was incredible! .

    By the end of the party the Hawaiians and the Hippies saw eye to eye in a way we never had before, or as we like to say we saw third eye to third eye for the first time.

    Sadly people these days don’t have as many collective community psychedelic experiences as we did in those days, but if you ever have you know what i mean when I say it connects us, it lets us all in on one hilarious cosmic joke.

    After the Solstice celebration, Hawaiians would drive by hippies in their trucks throwing shaka (a Hawaiian hand gesture where only the pinky and thumb are extended from the fist) yelling “Maui Wowie” Hippies would laugh and yell back “Maui Wowie”, you would have to have been there to understand, but Maui Wowie brought us together in a most amazing way through a truly strange and unique set of circumstances. Mahalo Ke Akua (Thank God) for Maui Wowie.”


    (Bradda Joseph of Lower Nāhiku Maui organizer of Summer Solstice Celebrations from 1960's-2004)

    Ah yes Maui Wowie!

    The most popular strain name on Earth to this day, but what has become of this special Hawaiian landrace strain in 2016?

    While seeds of the original strain to bear the name Maui Wowie from lower Nāhiku made their way around the globe, shared freely with visitors in the spirit of Aloha that is so abundant in Nāhiku, many imposters have sprouted up seeking to cash in off the most universally recognized Pakalōlō strain names of all time and worse yet is a disturbing new trend we see occurring online database listings disrespecting the Hawaiian language in a feebly misguided attempt to be politically correct or hip by spelling the name of our favorite Pakalōlō from the valley isle:

    Maui "Waui"?

    The name Maui Wowie is a beautiful representation of two cultures meeting halfway respectfully, to create a wonderful and unique name that has most likely been spoken and a that has been blazed all around the world.

    The name Maui Wowie reflects the joining of the 2 cultures; Hawaiian and hippy counterculture.

    Wowie is a Cheech and Chong stoner style word, the genetics are Hawaiian and the name is a blend of both cultures who equally agreed: we all love Maui Wowie.

    There is no Hawaiian word: "Waui"

    See for yourself:


    It might be nice to check before you misinform millions of people.

    This controversy surrounding the new trendy “Maui Waui” misinformation situation is akin to the fashion ads with anorexic translucent models wearing Native American styled clothing in order to make European designers rich, who never have set foot on the reservation, or paid respect to the culture they so gratuitously loot, those who steal our culture without a thought of the people they offend and insult.

    Seriously, if you have an online database or website incorrectly listing Maui Wowie as “Maui Waui” you have offended our Kānaka Maoli ‘Ohana (Native Hawaiian Family).









    (Maui Wowie is an old school Hawaiian Sativa strain from Lower Nāhiku out Hana side Maui)

    In the book "Orange Sunshine", by Nicholas Schou, the author writes that in the early 70's, a massive load of Mexican was brought to Maui by the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, seeds were grown everywhere.

    "This strain was named "Lightning Bolt" by the Brothers, although the genetics came from Guadalahara Mexico." This strain was then crossed with "Kula Crippler", and according to this whopping wolf ticket, the offspring was "the legendary Maui Wowie."

    Unfortunately for historians trying to track down the truth, the Maui Wowie origin story in"Orange Sunshine" is just that, a story.

    The Brotherhood of Eternal Love did in fact flood Maui with tons of South American Pakalōlō in the early 70's.

    There are still some local growers who are extremely upset about this, claiming that growers who brought invasive Pakalōlō species to Hawai'i are just as responsible for the current lack of true Hawaiian Pakalōlō genetics we see today as Operation Green Harvest is.

    Despite the fact that some of the strains the Brotherhood developed acclimatized very quickly to our environment and became very popular, there still was nothing like Maui Wowie, as it has been here for hundreds of years and acclimatized in ways that new strains could not even begin to do in just a few decades.

    Perhaps the Brotherhood bred their own 'Maui Wowie" just as THSeeds bred their own "Puna Budder" (Hawaiian x Afgan) not the Hawaiian landrace Puna Buddaz that has been written about in Pakalōlō publications since the 60's. We have also seen numerous claims online of people taking credit for what Mother Nature did herself by saying they bred "Kaua'i Electric".

    There is a person on ICmag actually claiming they bred (and named) Kaua'i Electric, da old school Hawaiian landrace that has been around for hanauna and has been cultivated up Powerline Trail since before WW2 when the Powerlines were put in!

    There is also a post online where it is stated that Kaua'i Electric was bred in California and brought from Cali TO Hawai'i in the first place(???) and then back to California and that it's genetic lineage is Afgan x M10?!?

    If you subtract the Afgan x m10 lineage and add a trip FROM Hawai'i to Cali in the 1st place, you might be getting a little warmer...;-)

    If you would like to research Kaua'i Electric and find some evidence to support the fact that it is a Hawaiian landrace cultivated by Hawaiian 'Ohana for Hanauna up Powerline Trail, just go to Instagram and enter the hashtag:


    You will see for yourself many HAWAIIANS growing Kaua'i Electric up Powerline Trail on Mt. Wai'ale'ale (the rainiest place on Earth)! It takes many many years of acclimatization for a strain to be able to sustain the downpours up Wai'ale'ale kine, not to mention if you get caught growing one haole (alien) strain up there by da locals you will seriously regret your insensitive trespass on our sacred Pakalōlō breeding grounds to say the very least.

    Some of the Braddaz and Sistaz have pics of them hunting Pua'a up there too, if you need more evidence, real Hawaiian kine.

    One of the main reasons that we still have Kaua'i Electric genetics intact is due to the fact that many of the new haole (alien) growers who came to Kaua'i were afraid to venture into the bush up Powerline where we hunt and plant our Pakalōlō.

    We lost many other strains we had around for years down Hā'ena due to cross pollination with new invasive haole (alien) strains.

    We still have Kaua'i Electric and it most certainly was not created in California.

    As for Maui Wowie, our 'Ohana says it was a trend like nothing the world has seen before, in fact it was such a popular trend it is STILL trendy today 50 years later!!!

    Fortunately (or unfortunately;-) a new trend has just hit the scene, similar to what the Maui Wowie phenomenon was like back in the day for Uncle and Auntie:

    Pokemon Go.

    Instead of people running around with their cell phones searching for Pokemon, imagine a parallel scenario in the 60's with people running around with rolling papers searching for Maui Wowie.

    People were screaming "Maui Wowie" out of their trucks driving by hitchhikers, picking them up smoking them out with Maui Wowie and dropping them off at their destination medicated and full of the Aloha Spirit.

    Everyone loved Maui Wowie and everyone wanted Maui Wowie.

    As you know from living in Maui for 20 years, there are some serious Chiefs who like to chong on Maui and while some of the most 'ono Pakalōlō on Earth is grown on Maui, it runs out between harvests constantly and the locals must import from other locations. Big Island has always supplied Maui with Pakalōlō during droughts, even in the days prior to Green Harvest.

    With limited supply and high demand shady dealers started labeling everything "Maui Wowie" and the current epidemic we see today spread worldwide to the point that Maui Wowie became a myth, a legend and a hype name tag to put on every bag.

    Mahalo to 'Ohana in Hana down Nāhiku kine who have preserved Maui Wowie for Hanauna, without receiving any of the fame, credit or a single dollar from the stacks of cash piled up due to marketers using the name Maui Wowie to sell their impersonations, the genetics that started it all are still intact.

    Another big Mahalo goes out to all the scientists and researchers who have contributed to new DNA and genome projects mapping cannabis genetics.

    Now we can finally separate fact from fiction.

    We know the real Maui Wowie did in fact make it around the globe, it will be interesting to see who sells Maui Wowie related to the original strain from Nāhiku and who is blowing hot air to fill their balloon with "Maui Wowie" brand helium so they can float off to OZ and sell more wolf tickets to unsuspecting munchkins searching for Maui Wowie.

    We are working on mapping our Maui Wowie genome. We will then gather every "Maui Wowie" we can find for testing and find the true relatives and the haole (alien) kine.

    We call the project:

    "Will the real Maui Wowie please stand up?"

    Contrary to uninformed publications and outsiders who claim Maui Wowie does not exist or that it is just a hype name used to describe any Hawaiian strain, Maui Wowie is a very specific genotype from lower Nāhiku Maui cultivated for hanauna (generations) by Hawaiian ‘Ohana and shared freely with all who came to visit our home in the name of Aloha and to show the world dat dakine kind iz mo’ betta’.

    Those who were there and know dakine, know dakine.

    We Hawai'i 'Ohana who share a personal connection and spiritual bond with our sacred Hawaiian Pakalōlō medicine, we know there were thousands of unique Hawaiian strains circulating throughout the island chain, each developed by Hawai’i ‘Ohana for hanauna (generations) each made special after years of loving cultivation in their own Ahupua’a (Hawaiian land division), long before Operation Green Harvest began their sadly successful eradication efforts and new popular Amsterdam strains like White Widow invaded our islands sending our beloved Hawaiian Pakalōlō to the graveyard in Jurassic Park (another movie filmed in Hawai’i as Hollywood and the rest of the world love Hawai’i) along with the dinosaurs

    Luckily due to preservation efforts in Hawai’i and around the globe with those who have taken Maui Wowie back with them to their homeland to share with their ‘Ohana in the name of the Aloha Spirit and for the love of Pakalōlō; Maui Wowie is still very much alive and well.

    Maui Wowie is by far the most popular Hawaiian Pakalōlō strain and may still even be the most popular Pakalōlō strain on Earth all the way back to the future here in 2018

    If you are ever lucky enough to come across real authentic Maui Wowie from lower Nāhiku Maui, you will see why here in Maui we say:

    ~ Maui Wowie Nō Ka ʻOi = Maui Wowie is the best ~


    Aloha a hui hou,
    Pua Mana ‘Ohana
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  2. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    First off, GREAT STORY! :)

    Secondly, I've got one of my own.
    Your story just brought back loads of memories of Maui in the 70s.

    When I first arrived on Maui, I spent months just camping out on the beautiful beaches, esp. Little Beach, Makena, until the local cops came and made us leave. Turns out there were Japanese investors interested in a new resort in Makena and they didn't want "dirty" hippies lying naked on their beaches.

    Then One day I was hitchiking from Hana back to Paia. Somehow I had lost my wallet in Hana and thru the hippie grapevine, found out someone had found it and left it in Paia at the health food store waiting to be picked up. (yes, these things happen on magical Maui!)

    So as I'm walking down the highway, in the Nāhiku area, a car load of local Hawaiians stops and asks if I need a ride.
    I look in the car and see one guy who's actually smaller than me, but the rest are big and give me that menacing look that I took to mean "look out haole!".
    So I weigh the fact that I've been walking on the Hana Highway for miles up and down, with a heavy backpack, without getting a ride and it's late afternoon already.
    Should I just keep walking (thereby insulting their offer), or jump in and pray.

    Now let's recall what you wrote above about haole hippies and locals.
    This was still true in the 70s, when the Hippie invasion was in full bloom and haoles were outnumbering the locals and they seemed to resent it, cause we were hanging out at their favorite beaches (usually nude, which they didn't like), and in the jungle living in trees. It was easy to understand the resentment since they often had to work catering to the desires of rich tourists everyday, and then on their day off, they were having to share their surf with strange haoles.

    So to say I was hesitant to jump in a car with a bunch of Hawaiians, is quite an understatement. I had no idea what they were thinking.
    They were big and I was alone.
    They asked where I was going, so I said to Paia.
    They said "Get in", which I assumed meant they were heading that way.
    So I get in the back seat, between two big guys.
    The driver turns around and asks if I have any pakalolo.
    I did have a small amount - like enough for a couple of jays.
    They then demanded some... (I assumed there was a silent "or else") attached at the end.
    They were very insistent and said were weren't going to go anywhere unless I shared what I had. So I handed them the pathetic little bag which was all I could afford. They took it all.

    That seemed to break the ice somewhat. But I was still unsure if I would ever make it to Paia.

    After a rather short ride, they suddenly turn down a dirt road. We are still a long ways from Paia and I have no idea where they're taking me or why.

    Soon we arrive at a house and a small farm. There's more Hawaiians there, who greet the incoming group. Next thing I know, the locals suddenly act very friendly to me in the presence of an older person who appeared to be the group leader's dad.

    The dad, invites me to join them, points to a seat at an outside table, so I sit.
    Then one of the locals comes out with a big bag of Pakalolo (Maui Wowie) and starts rolling huge joints. Suddenly, I'm accepted and treated as a long-lost brahlah. And man, that was dakine alright! :)

    They even invited me to stay for dinner, but I had to get to Paia to pickup my wallet, otherwise I would've stayed cause it looked like a great party had begun.

    I was fucking amazed. Just one of the magical experiences I've had on Maui...

    That completely changed my opinion of the locals on Maui! They no longer seemed a threat.

    I ended up living on Maui for about 4 yrs, working in Lahaina at a 4 star restaurant.

    So this quote from above, just about sums up exactly what I experienced! :)

    P.S. This story (not exactly) is part of a book I'm writing (but never finishing) about my time on Maui. Maui no ka oi!
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  3. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    I've smoked Maui many times but who knows how close it is to the classic strain. There seems to be something special about the old school weed. Now everything is mixed genetics so it can be grown fast and easy. The strains that take several months but are worth it are no more.
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  4. wyldwynd

    wyldwynd ~*~ Super Moderator

    I bought some maui wowie in Colorado and it was excellent. Just a few hits and I was super high
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  5. Aloha Bradda Skip!

    Mahalo (Thank you) for sharing your epic experience on magical mystical Maui!!

    Maui is a very special place indeed where magic is as common place a table salt & surf boards...

    We are looking forward to reading your book...

    Have a wonderful day 'Ohana = Family

    Aloha a hui hou
    Pua Mana 'Ohana
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  6. IMG_20180805_151902_142.jpg

    "Maui Wowie (not Maui Waui) is a classic sativa whose tropical flavors and stress-relieving qualities will float you straight to the shores of Hawaii where this strain was originally born and raised. Since its beginnings in the island’s volcanic soil, Maui Wowie has spread across the world to bless us with its sweet pineapple flavors and high-energy euphoria. Lightweight sativa effects allow your mind to drift away to creative escapes, while Maui Wowie’s motivating, active effects may be all you need to get outside and enjoy the sun. This tall, lanky strain is best suited for cultivation in warm, tropical climates that mirror its homeland, but a bright environment and nutrient-rich soil are typically adequate for indoor growth." ~ Leafly

    (Maui Wowie is a old school Hawaiian Sativa strain produced by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank)


    (Maui Wowie is a rare & legendary breed indeed)

    rs=w_1200,h_1200 (6).png

    "Just say know" ~ Leafly
  7. This thread and its stories make me wish that I had my time in Hawaii circa 2011 or so (I can't remember, as I was wasted during those years) to do over again. When I went to Honolulu my time was spent almost exclusively in my room. I went out shopping once or twice and even ventured up a mountain to a look-out by car. From the sound of it there is a rich and vibrant culture associated with Hawaiian life. I would love that! :) Awesome!
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  8. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Good story Skip I was there in '69 and was sleeping in my '58 chevy station wagon just east of the Pioneer Inn close to the Banyon. My friend was on a Trimaran in the harbor and we did some sailing out by some navy ships one day. The girls were topless and the sailors were hollering and carrying on. The sail on the tri had a huge peace sign on it and soon a guy on a bullhorn advised us to move away from the ship! We sailed over to see Hendrix at the outdoor venue at the zoo after indulging in some window pane and were looking forward to a great evening. As we walked through Waikiki, we could hear the Hendrix machine cranking up. We crossed the grass approaching the venue--and damn if there wasn't hundreds and hundreds of pissed off people heading our way. Hendrix had blown his amps---show over! But I love Maui -----Got a million stories of my life in Hawaii----------. Oh yeah--when I left, I parked the chevy and left the keys in in it. Sometime later when I came back to visit someone in La Haina--there went my chevy full of hippies having a good time. I didn't bother to talk to them---I didn't need the car.
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  9. Aloha @scratcho!

    Mahalo = Thank you for sharing your epic Maui experience!!

    Aloha a hui hou
    Pua Mana 'Ohana

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