Will kids go crazy

Discussion in 'Flashbacks' started by malcolmx88, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. tuatara

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    kids won't go crazy but the perception of what is a kid will drastically change .......just like we changed and just like our parents changed ..
  2. nouronion

    nouronion Member

    i think people in here are bashing the younger generation to much. I really dont want to argue cause i hate arguing and i love my parents and all the generations, but who was it that taught us to be how we are today, our parents did (the baby boomers and hippys) Honestly were probly the least rebellious generation ever, were doing exactly what people expected us to do were going to college getting great grades and getting good jobs. The thing our generaion lacks is not much people care about politics and know whats going on in the world cause they just dont care if it doesnt effect them. Although i think when we get a bit older and things start effecting us more we'll start caring, and we will easily change things. Kids today are freaks, it's just people are used to it now, everyones desensitized. Go back to 1968 and replace all those kids with the kids of today, and all the older people would be in just as much of an uproar as they were back then.
  3. GratefulFloyd

    GratefulFloyd Nowhere to fly to

    I've already gone crazy.

    But, whatever.
  4. sensamelia

    sensamelia hippy mom

    im afraid i have to disagree im in england and yes in some respects the youth of to day do het abum deal
    but as for doing as they are expected and going to college getting good grades etc .not so
    i have 7 kids of varying ages 24.22,19,18,15,14,12
    my 19 yr old started bakery craft management at college when she was 16 and i have just been to a parents evening were the tutor said she was the only original member of the class left everybody else had dropped out or been kicked out
    my 15 yr old son has been excluded from school
    i have now to home school him
    he got in with the bad crowd and tried to be like them
    the truancy figures at schools and colleges are rising like crazy
    but you tell me what do the youth of today have to work towards really the job situation in britain anyway is appalling you cant gaurantee if you go to college and do well your gonna get a job at the end of it
    tony blair is letting in to many asylum seekers and immigrants and there just arent enough jobs etc housuing to go around
    whilst i am all for the multi cultural society and i am in no way racist i think you have to draw the line somewere
    for its the youth ..............the future generatiobn that is suffering
    as for bieng the least rebellious generation .....i dont think so i think rebellious and misguided yes go on to any inner city housing estate in britain and youll see rebellious misguided rebellion .........and very frustated but its still there
    tjey have just lost the point somewere along the way and no longer know what it is they are hoping to achieve
    hey ill tell ya what id hate to be 16 leaving school and trying to work out my future i diont envy the youth of today at all
  5. earthmother

    earthmother senior weirdo

    I don't think the youngers have a clue. OK, that's a real general statement, and there's always a few who see the light, but the majority, well. I have raised 4 kids myself, been thru the teen thing over and over. They bring home friends, they have parties. I see what I see. The majority of them will never listen to anything unless it's about where to get some drugs. I think, and I can see it coming, that there will be a draft soon. How the hell else are they gonna pull off another war? War is BULLSHIT. And being FORCED to go just because you're the right age is cruel and inhuman. But a part of me hopes it happens very soon, so the youth will finally WAKE THE HELL UP. Once it's their lives on the line, maybe they'll stop worrying about their next buzz and start worrying about at least saving their own skin. Maybe this is the turning point.

    Hey, maybe there are SOME kids out there who are doing exactly what is expected of them by their parents and all, but I don't know any. And if they are, those are the ones who need to get a life the most. No, I take that back. My kids are doing just exactly what I expected. Being independant and rebellious.
  6. nouronion

    nouronion Member

    earthmother are u saying that kids that go to college and get good jobs like their parents want them to are the ones who need to get a life the most? that seems kinda strange. I know alot of kids who are in college and get good grades, and are very independent and their own individuals. If you seriously dont know many you have to look around a little more.
  7. earthmother

    earthmother senior weirdo

    What I'm saying is that those who are the "achievers", the ones who do as they are expected, the ones who buy into the system of things hook line and sinker, are the ones who have the farthest to fall. A college education is highly over rated. Unless you are planning on being a doctor, lawyer, or some such, college seems as good a way as any to put off GROWING UP for a few more years. Go to school. A fine way to insulate yourself from the world. Spend 2 or 3 more years being molded and shaped into, what, a waitress?
    Oh, it's not the act of being an achiever, per se', it's the MINDSET. I was always an honor student. I had too much pride to do otherwise. Not for my parents, or anyone else but my self. And I've been an "over-achiever" my whole life. Created quite a "stir" at times, actually. Probably done far more than your average folk. I'm not trying to brag, but to make a point. The other side to this is that I dropped out of school in the 8th grade. I can truthfully say to this day that it was one of the BEST decisions I was ever given the priviledge to make. I never even got a GED, much to the chagrin of many who just couldn't fathom why I would not want to take that step. I STILL do not see the point. But that's just me and perhaps for some not as lucky it could make it easier to nail that cashier job at the corner 7-11... Simply put, following the status quo will get you COMFORTABLE. Maybe. Or maybe not. But having the guts to say NO to authority, and NO to societys expectations gave me and still keeps giving me not only a lifetime of adventure, but a feeling of strength and peace that NO school, or authority figure could ever hope to. Intellect and common sense are FAR more valuable than a piece of paper from some institution stating that you have met their requirements. And those things come from EXPERIENCE.
    It's all nice and good to want to be a "success" in life, but not if it costs YOU too much as far as your freedom and happiness is concerned. There are alot of ways to be successful! One person might think it's all about school, money, posessions, or whatever. Another person might measure success on how HAPPY they are or how good they feel about themselves and their lives. Or you could measure success on how many people you have made smile in your life. And be happy with just that alone.
    I guess what I'm saying is that if you spend your time doing as expected, sheltering under the safety net of school, and doing what you "should", then you may not be prepared to deal with the REAL world when at last you are faced with it. And what is needed is not just people who can deal with it, but STRONG people who have the nerve to go against the grain and effect some REAL, and POSITIVE change.
  8. Sus

    Sus Hip Forums Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I think, to some degree, people of all generations are scared. There's a govt. out there (United States) that wiretaps peoples' phones to catch "terrorists", there are supposedly lists the government has of people who go to demonstrations and sign petitions (I'm sure it's possible I'm on one, on both counts), cameras everywhere (I live in Atlanta, and there are tons of cameras all over town, supposedly for various purposes), and, overall, lots of people have the feeling that big brother is watching, no matter what they do, even if they are law abiding, but concerned citizens, like myself. Everything you folks have said is true also, and I'm not disputing that in the least, but lots of people, young and older, are SCARED as well. Is it wrong to let that affect our choices?? Maybe so, or maybe not, but I do understand the fear. I choose to step through it, as much as I can, and do what is possible for me to do to right the state of affairs on this planet I love. But, believe me, I do wonder if I'm being wiretapped when I'm having a discussion with one of my friends, and it scares me. But, right now, it is my choice to keep on keeping on, ya' know??? As for the kids, maybe some of them just feel overwhelmed. I don't know. I just hope we can all pull it together before it is too late.
  9. Sus

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    triple post...
  10. Sus

    Sus Hip Forums Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    triple post...
  11. mamaboogie

    mamaboogie anarchist

    I blame public schools. The government lines you up and makes you raise your hand in order to speak. Anyone who is different is ostracized and ridiculed. I think it is these "different" people you are calling crazy? LOL Schools teach you to follow the crowd, to never try to make your life better, because middle management is as high as you can go unless you are born with money. Schools fuck our minds and attempt to steal individuality from children. And it's nothing new, Plato wrote about this shit in his Republic, where he tells the ruling class how to keep their power through public education. There are more and more people homeschooling, some of us not even doing it for religious reasons, and there is a change coming, no matter how much the media and government and people in power want you to think it's pointless and will never happen. It's gonna happen, it has to. You can buy into the idea that it's a lost cause, or that it's crazy, or you can be a part of it and make it happen that much sooner. It's up to you. Who do you want to be? A sheep? A cog in the wheel of big buisiness? Or do you want to fight it. You young people are the ones in the right place at the right time. Do something about it, don't just sit there moaning about how horrible things are, change them! Yeah, the government is really really scary. But what's scarier to me is that so many people aren't afraid, they don't think the Patriot Act is pure evil. Do something!!

    EarthMother, I agree with nearly everything you said. Except that bit about college. I do agree, that if you go for the wrong reasons, it's highly overrated. I first went to engineering school because that was expected of me, and I had a scholarship. And I hated it, I was miserable. I dropped out and married a worthless drunk (but that's another story in itself). After my divorce I went back to college. Not because I didn't want to grow up, not to escape, not to get a better job, not because everyone thought that's what I should do, but I did it for me, to prove that I could finish something I set my mind on. And I got my degree in philosophy, eventually, after changing my major I don't know how many times. It took me ten years because I had to work and pay rent and pay my own tuition, but I did it, and I am very proud of that. I did it for me, not for money, not for a job, not for my parents, but because I wanted to prove something to myself.
  12. OnlyOne

    OnlyOne Banned

    crazzy iz zo in.
  13. SpaceCake

    SpaceCake Member

    I think Kids don't care because they don't see whats up ahead. They don't realize what life will hit them with when they turn 18, they only know now and nothing else. Earthmother you are right not ALL kids fall under the bad apple tree but alot of them are products of society and bad parenting. Society for allowing kids to view and hear just about anything. This part is hard to control but as parents you have a dutty. Ever watched an episode of Sons of Butcher? Ok I find it funny but I'm 40 and think I am well adjusted to watch it for what it is, cheap entertainment. But kids under 12, come on what do you think they do the next day at school after seeing the show the night before? The 'bad' parents, this term I use lightly, the twin income parents who spend 12 - 14 hours a day working while school and daycare raise their kids, and god help us for those kids who go straight home after school to be by themselves until Mommy or Daddy finally come home. What do you expect your kid to do while they are home alone? I have a 9yr old and I make a point of knowing everything she does, every minute of every day. I don't smother her or hold her back but I guide her when I can and watch from afar when needed. If you don't know what your kid(s) is/are doing right this very second, then you are part of what ever problem your kids will be when they get older. I know parents who spend all day smoking dope and when ever there kids come to them for guidance, they shoo them away like some pet because they are to ashamed to let their kids see them smoke dope. Hey man you chose to bring them into this world and took the responsibility to raise them so either open up and let them in or take the responsibility you chose and give them the time of day. If you ever make a kid feel they are bothering you when they need to know what 4 x 4 equals, then what do you think will happen when they are ready to ask you if they should have sex or not...they simply won't bother you. Now you'll have to live with the consequences of their actions.
  14. The_Green_Man

    The_Green_Man Member

    I think that the government is flooding our community with things like X-Box and playstation 2. they suck all the personality out of your body. make you mindless and unquestioning. well i say fuck that noise. we are given the oppurtunity to dissent. we were founded by dissenters and instead of talking about it here, i say we let our voices be heard. where there is a will there is a way. there are eyes opening wide all over this nation and we need to organized. we don't need to be hippies from the sixties. we can be our own voice, the hippies of the new millennium and somebody to look up to and set and example, just like our forebearers(hippies from the 60's).
  15. Beckner420

    Beckner420 troll

    I think The Doors summed it up with Summers Almost Gone. After the 60's it seemed like everyone had to change their direction, don't know about going crazy though, only a couple people went crazy, and that was probably because they had a bit to many bad trips.
  16. Beckner420

    Beckner420 troll

    I think schools today try pushing kids out as soon as they can so thay can contribute to the economy, working for low paying labour jobs. It seemed before all these big companies started popping up you could actually go to college or university and be what you wanted, not you need all this money, and if you don't it's really hard. I know my mom had the grades to go to a great university but lack of money and a screwed up system, she had to go streight to the work force.
  17. dd3stp233

    dd3stp233 -=--=--=-

    Some people go crazy, some don't. Has more to do with what's going on inside them then outside. Charlie Manson wasn't a hippy, a least that is what he says (he wasn't a youth, he was in his mid-thirties, at the time) and he didn't actually kill anyone himself. He just convinced some other people to do it. Mainly dead-end kids that totally looked up to him. The SLA were not really hippies either, they were political radicals more like yippies but more out there. The Weather Underground people were not crazy, they were radical and blew up lots of stuff but they never killed anybody. A couple of them are now teaching at universities. Wasn't the McDonalds massacre in the 1980's and committed by a middle aged man. It is probably debatable who is crazy or just radical. Depends on the point of view you are looking from. Any reality, is an opinion.
  18. yonderingman

    yonderingman Member

    well to tell u the truth if the bible is right before God comes again there will be peace on earth and there is gonna be a indivudual who will do it.

    but thats when the end of the world is coming so thats sucks.

    i figured out a way to create world peace that there would be no leader. every counrty has just got leave each other alone. big deal that there not the same let every country do what they want its there country. basically if every one stoped trying to have world power we would have one huge step to peace on earth.

    now about this iraq war im totally against it. im antiwar but at the same time pro if it need be to save your country from dramatic effects. at first i supported this war. cause they were there to gather weapons of mass distruction. good go find those weapons. heres when i get antiwar they didnt find what they were lookin for thatswhen u say sorry we fucked up theres nothin here. and get the hell out of there country. well were still there and the longer this goes on the more it becomes a waste.

    so lets do it lets get up get out and start the revolution to a new country

    peace and love
  19. yonderingman

    yonderingman Member

    It's just really frusterating when half of us are just settling on the way the world is and giving up.

    see i have been tryin to figure out how i can give up and let myself just be completly free in this world and it dont matter whats going on around us as long as your livin in the moment happy free but then while your tryin to be free and happy the damn law comes and throws u in jail for things that humans should be able to decide for them selves if its goodf or bad for them
    like smokin grass
    runing around nude
    hitch hiking(which by the way was a great spiritual thing)
    and so on

    well peace And love
  20. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    it isn't how 'crazy' you get that makes an age golden, but how creatively and immaginatively you do so.


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