will i waste it.

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by rodwv, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. rodwv

    rodwv Member

    First off some background info.I was way out there on oc from 97 till I went to my second round of methodone matience about 3.5 years ago that got me out of my junky funk.I quit methodone about 20 months ago and now limit myself to 1 get high day then 4 days off i've done this every since i quit methadone.so heres my question.about 10am this morning my boy dropped in on me and turned me on to 50mg of liquid this is the first methadone i've done since i quit the clinic.Tomorrow is my get high day i've got 1 mean green one thats the dose i allow myself these days I like to do it as soon as i get up along wiyh my wake and bake will i get the full force if I do it in the morning.I don't have any built up in my system but i think the half life is like 36 hours on the done.so will i waste the 80.I know the best thing to do is just wait until sunday to do it but i really look forward to get high day and don't want to wait.what would you guys do.
  2. -beatnick

    -beatnick Senior Member

    dont mix anything besides bud with methadone.

    save the oc. get fucked up twice.
  3. rodwv

    rodwv Member

    thanx for the reply beatnik.i should have said earlier that i already took the methodone this morning and was wondering if i could still feel the green one through the done tomorrow morning.i'm thinking it should be ok since thats the only methodone i've done in ages.i totally agree about mixing done with other shit.super dangerous.
  4. Oxyrisin2

    Oxyrisin2 Member

    Ya you will feel it just fine tomorrow.I do it all the time Enjoy
  5. kil0

    kil0 The Rebel

    i wanna try methadone. I always thought it was like suboxone used to get off opiates, not to get high on. but apparently people can use it recreationally..

    one question. How does methadone compare to oxycodone?
  6. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    You should be able to feel it...it might not be AS strong, but it should still breakthrough the Methadone after 24 hours. Don't expect the full high that you usually get though.

    Also, be careful, because it seems like you are about to start falling back into "oh I will just have 2 high days....it won't hurt..."

    I've been there, and it's extremely easy to fall back into. Opiate users have the worst relapse rate out of any other drugs, IMO.
  7. rodwv

    rodwv Member

    I'm not really a fan of methadone but it was a freebie and I have a hard time turning down free opies.It has no where near the euphoric effect of oc but it will make you get pretty low.It don't take much to get off so be easy if you get some.

    update:Did the big boy with wake and bake not as strong as usual but not enough dropoff to bitch about.Thanx to all for the input and thanx for the concern u4eia it's been a rough ride in the past so i'll stay easy on it.
  8. -beatnick

    -beatnick Senior Member

    yea, i want to try methadone at one point too. i just want to know what it feels like to wake up already fucked up.

    also want to try that with tripping, waking up i mean.
  9. blitz7341

    blitz7341 Banned

    depends. if you are say, addicted to heroin, it wont do much but stave off WD. however, if you take it when you have no tolerance, or at least a very low tolerance, it fucks your shit up. the only time i ever did methadone was back in the early days of my drug use. the only opiates i had previously used were hydros and MS Contins. popped 2 red capsules of unknown mg. at the peak i was really having a hard time breathing but its the best opiate high ive ever felt. better than oxy or opana, hands down.
  10. -beatnick

    -beatnick Senior Member

    ^ done heroin? i'm just wondering.
  11. blitz7341

    blitz7341 Banned

    i tried it once. it went down like this. snorted a bag. felt good(tho not nearly as good as i would have expected) for about an hour and a half. then i puked. good feeling wore off. didn't sleep that night because i was itching so bad for about ten more hours. my body has a much worse reaction to heroin than other opiates. i figured if i started doing it a lot my body would adjust, but then i would be doing heroin alot lol. not something i need in my life. if i need to get that tanked i can always go back to xanax. ive always enjoyed benzos more than opiates. just personal preference i guess.
  12. You can't really use it recreationally if you have a tolerance. In my experience, methadone really weakens the effects of other opiates. That coupled with it's long half-life is dangerous.

    If you have a low, low tolerance.... Methadone will do the trick.
    And for the record: Methadone sucks.

  13. Nikolai37

    Nikolai37 Member

    If you dont have a opiate tolerance you can get alot from using some methadone, if you do have a tolerance however you will probably be disappointed. I used it years ago when I was young and had no tolerance and it seriously messed me up, remember I puked after getting home as well. However now with a big opiate tolerance and taking 100 mg's methadone a day for a short period I really got nothing out of it besides it helping me with WD. It also can be a pretty good painkiller if you suffer from pain problems.

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