Will I be Clean?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by dxmer555, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. dxmer555

    dxmer555 Member

    That last time I smoked was this morning I smoked two bowls to my self. Before today I have been a pretty much everyday smoker. I have a drug test on Tuesday, March 26th. I have to know though if I don't smoke anything between now and the next 16 days will I piss clean? If there is anything extra I can do to make sure I piss clean please let me know. If I can get a clean UA for this piss test I'll be fine for the rest of them because I'm being put on an ankle braclet.
  2. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    excersize alot drink alotta water
    16 days maybe cuttin it kinda close if ya smoked regularly, but if u excersize drink alot piss a ton and stay completely away from it (not be anywhere near any being smoked) theres a good chance ya maybe ok..
  3. AbloodmoneyA

    AbloodmoneyA Member

    Doubtful. Drink a lot of water the day of the test and pray for the best.
  4. MiNdTrIp

    MiNdTrIp Member

    My friend smoked everyday and pissed dirty for 3 or 5 months after. it all depends on how much you smoke a day. he was a heavy smoker.

    but exercise a lot, more than you have in your life. run every where, hit the gym, carry extra books in your book bag, drinks lots of water and energy drinks. green tea might help.
  5. My sister has been clean for two weeks and plans to go searching for jobs tomorrow. Before that she smoked pretty regularly, but only about 2 -3 joints a day. How do you think she would fare on a drug test?
  6. I might add that she'll also be taking gelatin.
  7. hippieatheart

    hippieatheart vagina boob

    i smoke every day one summer and then i smoked a week before i had a drug test.
    i got a letter saying i would be drug tested the following week and i freaked out, i thought for sure i wasn't going to pass..

    i drank a shit ton of 100% cranberry juice and just waited it out and i passed.
  8. MiNdTrIp

    MiNdTrIp Member

    I'd say wait at least a month to be safe.

    it all depends on your body. if you have a high metabolism then you'll get rid of it quicker than others. I'm not sure but I remember hearing the more potent the bud, the longer it'll stay in your system.
  9. dxmer555

    dxmer555 Member

    So basically if I stay sober between now and the 26th, and on the 26th I drink X amount of water, I will piss a clean UA?
  10. MiNdTrIp

    MiNdTrIp Member

    maybe, maybe not. as I said, it all depends on your metabolism and your body. drinking water does nothing but dilute your piss making the concentration of THC less. THC is fat souluable, so the more fat you burn, the more THC your getting rid of....the water will just help move it out of your system. so the best advice is water and working out, and you might piss clean. it can never be 100%, but its worked before.
  11. GoldenGanji

    GoldenGanji Member

    like someone already said cranberry juice, excersice and water. that sucks though you should stay completely away from it (quoting a few ppl).

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