Wild Earth 2004

Discussion in 'Canada' started by chaos, May 10, 2004.

  1. chaos

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    Wild Earth 2004
    Wild Earth is an annual gathering of activists, anarchists, communitarians, elves, faeries, permaculturists, taoists, soverigntists, punks, primitivists and the like. This will be the 6th annual gathering and is promising to be the best yet.
    United in the belief that another world is possible and engaged in the process of making it so. There will be a wide selection of workshops, skillshares and discussions. Contact us if you would like to offer a activity during the gathering. Take a look at the website for updated info.
    People are welcome from far and wide, travel subsidies may be possible if needed (contact us in advance).

    May 24-30, 2004 Mt. Elphinstone
    "sunshine coast, b.c, canada"
  2. fi_J

    fi_J Member

    sounds fabulous!

    one more reason i wish i was in bc... sigh
  3. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    hey, what's the camping like? is it like rainbow camping where you need to pack everything in for a km or more, or are the campsites close to vehicles?
  4. chaos

    chaos Member

    there is a road that goes right through the camp so its easily accessable.
  5. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~


    i want to go but i'm not sure if we can swing it or not.
  6. I want to go too, but i dont have aride cuz i am in the middl eof nowhere in Galiano Island..but it is nice. R there rides that can take me there form Galiano..
    I can see Salt Spring from where I live....
  7. chaos

    chaos Member

    errr. yah! public transit.
    take the ferry to horseshoe bay then from there take the sunshine coast ferry. on the other side there is a bus which will take you to roberts creek (the meetup place) but if you come on the 24th you should see someone on the ferry who is going there...

    if you can only go to tsawassen its just another bus ride or two...
    lemme know if you need more infos
    chaos at planet-save dot com

  8. chaos

    chaos Member

    Wild Earth update

    The gathering is less than two weeks away. The website hasn't been updated in awhile, we apologize for this. But the gathering is very much happening, though our tech skills may not show it.

    There has been some concerns raised about the presence of generators and sound systems at the gathering. So we have decided to scrap that idea and make our own noise. So bring your drums, guitars, voices, banjos and any other instruments you have lying around.

    Workshops and activities at the gathering:
    +DIY tatooing
    +Indigenous food plants and tree teas (gathering and tribal use in the Wild Earth kitchen)
    +Martial Arts- Chi Quong/Kung Fu
    +Aboriginal Rights and Title/Crown Land/Squatting and the Canadian Constitution
    +Prevention of Industrial Logging
    +Forest Survival Skills
    +Taoist Activism..balancing heart and mind/shaman and warrior
    +Shedding the Shackles of Modern anti-culture
    +Developing the Peace Village on Mt.Elphinstone!
    There are several structures up and people are welcome to stay on the mountain to rehabilitate

    the cutblocks and protect the forest from future logging.
    +Regional Roundup
    Where we let each other know what is happening in our neck of the woods
    +Black Cat Cafe

    +Seed Exchange
    Bring your seeds to share, trade and plant.
    +Direct action and what can happen
    +Primitive Skills
    Making fire, skinning animals(roadkill), building shelter, invisability...

    +Banner making

    There will hopefully be many more workshops during the gathering that will arise spontaniously. If you have ideas for workshops that you would like to share let us know.

    Elphinstone Peace/Ecovillage Project: after the gathering, people will be invited to stay, build an ecovillage and live on the mountain for as long as they please. In so doing, we hope to protect the forest from future logging and rehabilitate the parts that have been devastated by road building and industrial logging. We can build gardens and eat the fruit of them, live like we were meant to and make the world a beautiful place again. The possibilities are endless.... so if you have always dreamed of living in harmony with nature and with beautiful people.. come be part of the project.

    Food: Please bring some food enough to share or $10 per day you plan to be at the gathering. Though no one will be turned back for lack of funds. Bring your own cutlery and a bowl. People will be expected to wash their own dishes.

    Stuff we need: tarps, rope, food donations, banner making supplies (colored tape, paints, banners ect.), whatever else you think the gathering could use.

    How to get there: from vancouver take the bus to horseshoe bay. from horseshoe bay take the ferry to langdale/sunshine coast. when in langdale take the bus to Roberts Creek if you don't find someone on the ferry going to the gathering.

    If you are driving/hitching take the B&K logging road which is a few minutes past Gibsons on the right hand side. Watch for a colorful sign. There will be more signs on the road up to the camp telling you where to turn. (Its about 8km from the highway). If you miss them go to the Gumboot cafe in Roberts Creek and ask a local how to get there.

    If you are taking a car and have room for people or gear let us know and we can connect you with someone who needs a ride or stuff that needs to be brought to the gathering.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have about the gathering.


  9. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    that sounds totally amazing...
  10. Crystaleyez

    Crystaleyez Member

    Wasn't May a while ago........? That does soiund awsome!
  11. chaos

    chaos Member

    the gathering happens every year. i'll let y'all know the details aboot next year when it gets solidified.

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