Wild America

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Midget, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. Midget

    Midget Senior Member

    Last weekend, I watched the movie Wild America...it was cool...best movie I've seen in a while, maybe. I just loved how they didn't care what people thought about what they were doing...they being the brothers. Anyone seen this movie? You like it?
  2. its pretty good
  3. Dude111

    Dude111 An Awesome Dude

    Ah that movie is OK .... I didnt think much of it.. But for when it came out,it was good :)
  4. YouFreeMe

    YouFreeMe Visitor

    How did you even find this thread?!
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  5. Dude111

    Dude111 An Awesome Dude

    I just scanned this whole base......... (And threads I posted in I also added to my list of watched threads)
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