Wife needs Good Girl Spanking

Discussion in 'Spanking' started by G1985K, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. G1985K

    G1985K Members

    Although 21 years ago I rationally asked my wife about trying erotic spanking
    --she had no interest or willingness to "give it a go."
    Now I just get her highly aroused during foreplay
    (where she DOES like me to bite or pinch her nipples HARD).

    Unfortunately, I cannot bring her to a real orgasm despite all the that I've tried
    with my mind, my hands, my body, and my tool... :expressionless:

    What about a "Good Girl Spanking?"
    Might this get her so aroused that she'll shake the bed when finally has the Big-O?
    I don't want to hurt her--and certainly not if I'm rewarding her with a "Good Girl Spanking."
    I've searched "Good Girl Spankings" and would start with very light taps, lots of massage,
    a few more light smacks--always below her threshold of pain, more rubbing and massage
    over a long, mellow ~20 minutes, gradually smacking harder--but only as I sense that she's
    enjoying it. Of course my fingers will caress the insides of her thighs, and.....
    "My! You're getting wet in there... Is this big button at the top of your canal is leaking?
    Maybe you're enjoying this too much... are you becoming a naughty girl...
    We know that a naughty girl deserves a spanking--you don't deserve a spanking, do you?
    << you know what answer I'm looking for! >>
    "I won't spank you harder unless you want me to..."

    If I can convince her to try it--along with a Safe Word--do you think a "Good Girl Spanking"
    might break through her persistent "little o?"

    Your thoughts and advice appreciated!
    I think my wife may enjoy her pink bottom as much as the gal above! :yum:
  2. Captain Scarlet

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    Really any form of BDSM , you should already have a safeword system in place . The question I think you need to ask is does she really like spanking or is it something she is doing for you? If I am being totally honest I am the same but the other way around. I am the reluctant spanker and had the same reservations as yourself ie the hurting bit . I needed to read a couple of books on the subject to settle my psyche on the subject. If it is something that she is doing for you then you may not get the desired affects .

    I do know my partner enjoys the "ordeal" of spanking but not the pain side of things , as I can get her to squirt quite easily with erotic/sensual spanking. The way I do it and its something you could try is to get your partner on all fours on the bed with her legs apart and massage her down below with one hand and apply very light swats to her rear at the same time with your other hand . We use this as part of our foreplay .Because my partner doesn't like being spanked on the bare we normally do this routine whilst she is still wearing panties. She likes me massaging her through the panty material and they are normally very wet before they come off .

    If you want to giver her a "good girl Spanking" then just make sure its an activity that is covered within your existing boundaries and if not it would need to be discussed and agreed before hand .

    Good luck
  3. Angela36

    Angela36 Members

    I let you do that if you give me a kiss for every spank, and in the same place.
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