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    Why not? It is far more interesting to make someone doubt their core beleifs, than to debate the weather.

    All the Christians I know seem so insecure about their religion, they feel the need to thank god for everything and talk about god all the time in order to convince themselves of his existance.

    I don't doubt Christ existed, or his message, just his divinity.

    I am extremely against organised religion, I don't like what it does to people.
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    Occam agrees totally with your position
    You speak his words.

    Organised religion is 'anti entropic'
    It is NO PART of the process of reality that surrounds us.
    Agnostics know they will die
    And die for a reason.

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    And that death

    Has NOTHING to do with any dogma.
    Any silly belief.
    It is a function of "process" [by law]

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    Welcome back, Occam! =)

    I agree as well,
    I believe that the word "God" means something different
    To every person.
    Organized religion is deceptively unorganized.
    It is not what it claims to be (that is, organized).

    Members of organized religions,
    As I see every day,
    Tend to be the majority of the problem in this world.
    They take things based on faith,
    Believe that "if God wills it to be so, then it is so,"
    And that "God wills our world to be as it is."
    If that is true,
    Then God is more evil than Lucifer.

    They are the ones who do not question pollution,
    Or the ones who do not question the right to life
    Of all living things, including animals,
    They do not question overuse of resources,
    Nor of the balance of our Earth.
    And yet, they DO question the divinity of things
    That are ALREADY DEAD.

    I find it sardonically laughable,
    That at the Christian church I used to attend,
    Nobody gave a damn that the church needed funds
    To continue with its typical activities,
    And there were STILL people who did not donate
    When the donation plate came around.

    I donated as much money as the donators around me,
    Even as a teenager,
    And THAT is quite laughable,
    When I donate more than the 80 year old woman next to me,
    Who, despite her apparent poverty,
    Has a lot more money than I,
    And I don't even believe.
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    Wellmet Hikaru

    Yes. The divinity of things already dead.

    There are 5 cemetaries in this town
    One for each of the top ranking sects of the monothiesm
    And one called general.

    Some human beings actually refuse to allow thier dead carcass
    [which is no longer theirs]
    To be burried next to a carcass of someone who did not interpret a
    book the same way as they did.

    This is clinical psychosis.


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