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  1. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    Why do people claim one alcoholic beverage is SOO STRONG compared to another, when they have the SAME alcohol content, sometimes even LESS?

    I've come across this a number of times...someone will be like OH SHIT "Jagermeister gets me SOOO fucked up, but I can drink all the Vodka/Whiskey/etc. I want and barely catch a buzz!" When it turns out they have the same alcohol content?

    Mainly it's from idiots that are still in high school, but I've heard some adults claim this as well...

    It reminds me of people who buy BRAND name Tylenol, instead of some off brand shit, when it has EXACTLY the same amount of active ingredient in it.

  2. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    i think there is a different effect based somewhat upo the grains fermented to get the alcohol. beer drunks and vodka drunks are typically a little bit different in the effects.
  3. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    ^Beer and vodka have extremely different alcohol content. I was referring to one liquor to another, containing the SAME amount of alcohol content, but people claiming one gets them drunk and one barely gets them buzzed.
  4. Yep. I knownthe exact kind of people you're talking about (most of my friends). And I always try to question their logic but they're too thick to understand what I mean when I ask them what the proof on what they've got is. People are just idiots I guess!
  5. blitz7341

    blitz7341 Banned

    ^^^^what he said
  6. Burnt

    Burnt Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    The process in which the alcohol is distilled can cause different drunken effects an example for Bourbon tends to make me a tad bit more irritable than Scotch which may have the same alcohol content. Also if I drink a 14% Shiraz I get a bit sleepy but if I drink a 14% Honey Mead I get a more upbeat feeling.
  7. neodude1212

    neodude1212 Senior Member

    one word

  8. LMAO!
  9. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    But are you actually drunker off one then the other? It might have different effects on your mood, but the buzz should be equal.
  10. moomooman

    moomooman Member

    sometimes different alcohols will be present in different drinks as well, in small amounts, but it makes a difference. and wine has a chemical that metabolizes into ghb inside of us. jagermeister sucks.
  11. Superpimp

    Superpimp Member

    i think it a prefference thing.....i know for a fact i can drink a 26ounce bottle of whiskey,and still be fine. but i cant handle a few drinks of vodka without puking......its weird....could all just be in my head....
  12. lostdazedintime

    lostdazedintime Fucked in the head

    depends on the amount of fusil oils in your liquor.
  13. blitz7341

    blitz7341 Banned

    not to mention placebo
  14. Hippified_RCer

    Hippified_RCer P.L.U.R.

    it all depends on the mix if they are drinking mix drinks. im going to find out more right now and post but i do know that mix drinks with soda like pepsi make u a little bit more drunk im gonna go try and find out exactly wat is the cause. carbonation, ingrediants in the soda etc.... but mix drinks with juice dont make u more effed up.

    EDIT- k so the carbonation is the winner at hand for the reason y soda makes u more drunk. the bubbles from the carbonation allows the alcohol to absorb in ur body faster.
  15. Oxyrisin2

    Oxyrisin2 Member

    I don't know dude, I have never heard of that one before

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