Why staying here is the best option!

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by Nistix, May 16, 2004.

  1. Nistix

    Nistix Member

    Going back to the thread I started earlier in the week about how it was good to live in the UK...
    I understand that other countries amazing things to offer. I reckon all you guys who want to move away would soon miss eastenders though! It would begin as just a vague feeling that you were missing someone then one day you would be in a bar somewhere (because they don't have pubs abroad do they!) you would catch a hint of an east end accent and then it would hit you. "Shit! whats been happening in Eastenders?!!?!?!?!" The pain of the realisation would be a hard cross to bare, either you would pack your bags and be on the first flight home or you would get a piece of rope and hang yourself from the nearest californian redwood.
    I would be inclined to go for the first option in that position. However just imagine the horror if you got back to the UK and found that due to the new oppressive government Eastenders had been replaced by Holyoakes! That would be the time to move abroad... surely!
  2. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    I think I'd sooner drag my balls across a rusty cheesegrater than watch Eastenders!
  3. Nistix

    Nistix Member

    You me about the parable of the blind man... Watch eastenders and then you will be able to see the truth!
  4. Claire

    Claire Senior Member

    shit you really need to stop doing that dok, for your own good:p
  5. Power_13

    Power_13 insult ninja

    I'd sooner watch Doc drag his balls across a rusty cheesegrater than watch Eastenders. At least Doc dragging his balls across a cheesegrater doesn't star Barbara Windsor.
  6. Claire

    Claire Senior Member

    neither does eastenders:confused:
  7. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    Don't jump to conclusions ;)
  8. Alomiakoda

    Alomiakoda Boniface McSporran

    She's coming back :D

    Good old Peggy
  9. Ellie-Rose

    Ellie-Rose Le Muppet

    You gotta love old peg!!
  10. Claire

    Claire Senior Member

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    erm.... ok...:confused:
  11. torz

    torz Member

    i love eastenders but my whole life doesnt stop just cause i've missed it but obviousley when its on no-one can speak. last year while on holiday in corfu with my brother-in-law, we got really close to this greak/american lady that owned the best sports bar in kavos. while we were over there it was the two weeks that the whole dirty den thing went off, she very kindley put it on the big projecta screen from sky for us, by the end of the first week she had made more money from people comming to watch eastenders than what she did people comming to watch the big football matches like man u arsnel.
  12. Maon

    Maon Member

    I don't watch tv ... the odd movie yes maybe once a month or less these days .. just dont have time for it.

    Far too busy living my own life to the full.

    and as far as this country goes .. well yes its ones of the most beautiful in the world for sure, that i am qualified to say and few places can rival a good british summer ... but as for the goverment and the police and the stuck up opinionated greedy selfish arseholes ... fuck em all ... try to be a traveller in this country! Ha! ... I personally try to never have an opinion on something unless I have had first hand experience of it ... peraonally I blame the media .. and its going to take the media to put it right .. I am on a mission!

    love and peace.
  13. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    Ooooh! Controversy!

    Sure, most TV is pointless shite and a total waste of time. But there's some good stuff out there. What's the difference between watching TV and listening to a live musician, or reading a book? They're all things which distract and entertain you. Life is to be enjoyed in all its flavours.
  14. Maon

    Maon Member

    oh dont get me wrong .. i think that thewre is some good stuff out there .. discovery and those channels used to fasicinate me and are so good.

    I guess living in another country where the language is different and whereas i can speak japanese its still difficult and tiring watching tv in japanese etc.

    As a result of that I didnt watch it and I realised how much other stuff I then had the time to do .. how much more time I spent with others enjoying the outdoors etc.

    I do occasionally turn on the tv but invaribly find myself restless and having difficulty. One problem with tv is that wheras you may watch a one program thats really interests you people tend to stray in front of the box .. watching this and that and this .. the commercials you are exposed to and the advertisement s for other stuff and they think welll i will just watch this one episdoe .. then oh .. may tune in next wek for the next and so on and so on .. whereas with books etc this doesnt tend to happen .. and you can put them down etc and come back to them so easily .. sit in a tree and .. bla bla ..
  15. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    Yeah, I totally agree. Too much TV is a bad thing. I only watch it if there's something on I'm really interested in.
    Yeah, I hate that. It's a habit I never gave in to, and it really pisses me off when yo drop round someone's house and they leave the TV on even though it's just some pointless shit that they're not even interested in. I mean if it was Buffy or something, then fair enough....
  16. Maon

    Maon Member


    prints out post and frames ... hehe
  17. Nistix

    Nistix Member


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