Why I get attracted to Transexuals?

Discussion in 'Coming Out and Confused!' started by torontodude, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. torontodude

    torontodude Guest


    I am not sure why I am attracted towards transexuals. I am straight guy, and I never had or wanted to have sex with men but I find myself always fantasying over Transexuals?

    Why is that ? Is it something to do with hormones?

    Can anybody help? Does anyone else experience this?
  2. Invisible Soul

    Invisible Soul Burning Angel

    You say you are straight...think about it? Would a gay guy be attracted to someone with no penis and boobs? Of course not. Just because a female once had the wrong genitals, doesnt mean she's not a female.
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  3. TheMadcapSyd

    TheMadcapSyd Titanic's captain, yo!

    Cheers, indeed, unfortunatetly it can't always be the case but many wind up looking perfectly fine, to take the person from my sig, look at Candy Darling:

    Now tell me she isn't attractive?
  4. Invisible Soul

    Invisible Soul Burning Angel

    I think most heterosexual men think there's something gay about doing anything intimate, or being attracted to a woman who once had male bodily parts. If the person has woman's bits, and resembles a female more than a male, then i fail to see how being attracted to said person would make a heterosexual man suddenly "gay". Gay men would not be attracted to such a person, (unless they still looked obviously male, but even then, the female "bits" would probably put them off) so if gay men and heterosexual men are not attracted to "transsexuals", then who is going to be?

    It's a very sad, but true fact that most heterosexual women born with the wrong bits will find it extremely hard to find a man to be with.

    Well yes, if i didnt know the person in that photo was a "transsexual", i wouldnt have guessed it just by looking at her. I loath the term transsexual anyways. (though some do identify as that, and that is fine) Its like creating a lower, lesser class of woman, (or man) and makes these people very undesireable to most. Its a shame, but thats how it is in our world. :(
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  5. justCHILL

    justCHILL Member

    absolutly nothing wrong with being attracted to transexuals...they ARE transexuals because they were born NOT a male in a male's body (or female) so surgery/correcctions just made their body match their soul, which was female (or male). They ARE female now, and their is nothing wrong with being attracted to them.
  6. Invisible Soul

    Invisible Soul Burning Angel

    The reason you've given for why "they ARE transsexuals", is exactly why i DON'T think some people (including me) are transsexuals at all. (Not that there's anything wrong with being transsexual.) In the case of females born with male bits, (for example, it can be the other way around as well.) some have never seen themselves as anything other than female. They felt that way from a very young age, and never revert from thinking that. Most, if not all of these people have a brain that is more congurent with the female sex, rather than the male one.

    In these instances, were these people ever male? I don't believe so. They were only "once male", if you believe that born genitalia is the sole criteria for assigning someone's gender in the first place. I have never seen myself as anything other than a female afflicted with a hideous birth defect. The word "trans" means to change. Seeing as i dont believe i was ever male, i don't accept that i'm changing from a male to a female. So i don't accept the label transsexual being applied to me. I see surgery as me correcting my genitals to resemble something that i feel they always should have been. Im not altering my genitals as a "cosmetic procedure". I see the surgery as a corrective procedure. So the surgery won't make me "female now", as you said. I'm female already, i just feel wrong, and like an alien in my own body with these horrible bits attatched to me that i should never have had.

    If you believe some people were born in the wrong body, (as i do) then those people are not really transsexual at all. Seeing as how they've only ever been the opposite sex to the one it was percieved to be by born genitals. The clinical definition of "transsexualism" is that it is someone who has a "desire" to be the opposite gender of the one that was assigned at birth. I do not have a "desire" to be female. I AM female, and always was. I just want to have my body corrected so it can somewhat resemble what it should have always been like. Though puberty makes achieving that goal much harder, especially if you don't have much money. I see this as an affliction that some people are born with, and in the cases of those people, they are not really transsexuals at all, i feel. It is probably more an intrinsical intersex condition, rather than a transsexual one. "Transsexual" and "m2f" are labels that imply i was once a gender that i in fact, have never been. Appart from being precieved as that by others because i was born with the wrong bits.

    I do very much believe that some people who are labelled as transsexual, are wrongly labeled that. Transsexualism is not categorised as a birth defect, but rather a mental issue. For that reason, i do not accept that as a label for myself, or anyone else who feels they were born in the wrong body. Though of course, there is nothing wrong in being attracted to transsexuals either, if that is your thing.
  7. stayhigh

    stayhigh Member

    LOl its normal dude.
    im gay and ive seen some very actractive guy transexuals[female to male]
    who ill be attracted to.
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  8. justCHILL

    justCHILL Member

    sorry if i was wrong or insulted anyone, i dont know the specifics of transexuality, im just sayin, there is nothing wrong with being attracted to "transexuals" or whatever applies to a specific person, because they are who they are (female or male) and their body matches their mind now.
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  9. billyjean305

    billyjean305 Member

  10. chubeebabe

    chubeebabe Guest

    You can not help but being attracted to us since we are so fierce!
  11. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    If you find someone sexy, you will be attracted to them. There's no real need to analyze why they attract you so.
    I mean, it could be as simple as part of you has always wanted the feminine sex appeal.
    But really, does it matter?
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  12. chubeebabe

    chubeebabe Guest

    Whorship us for the divas we are!
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  13. elenita24

    elenita24 Guest

    Depending on what sort of fantasies do you have, are you fantasizing about the dick? then yes you are gay in the closet!
  14. elenita24

    elenita24 Guest

    the problem is the men are not attracted to transexuals they are attracted to the penis, trust me on that, a soon as they know the transsexual is post-op they loose the attraction to men! lol
  15. happy7645

    happy7645 Guest

    strangely i get attracted to shemales also but m not interested in guys at all
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  16. BioStorm

    BioStorm Guest

    Why are cis people (Particularly cis men) in a space for trans* people to discuss their issues and are instead making transphobic threads like "omg why do i like transsexuals"

    You guys aren't doing that and are instead treating trans women as fetish objects and reducing them to their genitals. Knock it off.
  17. Hoppípolla

    Hoppípolla Senior Member

    Me too haha

    I dunno why it is. I've found myself attracted to them for a long time, shemales and that.

    I mean, I don't think I'd choose one over an actual woman. I guess it's always nice to have variation lol
  18. mathoosela

    mathoosela Guest

    I can't see myself ever sucking a mans cock, but a sexy TGirl? You bet! A big fantasy of mine.... Maybe Bi in the closet.
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  19. Hoppípolla

    Hoppípolla Senior Member

    I know, it definitely seems different when it's on a girl! xD

    Having said that, I've never been with a transsexual and I haven't been with a guy since I was a teenager (and even then never full blown sex).
  20. gagforreal

    gagforreal Guest

    My friend, 12 years ago I asked myself the same question. Don't be like me and waste your life asking yourself the same question over and over. Banging your head against a wall is no fun.

    Instead, go get yourself a transsexual and experience firsthand why you like them. And I mean do everything you wanna do. If you wanna suck her dick, do it. If you wanna get topped, do it (properly - do some research first). If you wanna fuck that ass, do it!!! If you want her to get on her knees and suck you dry, by all means! This is how you'll figure out what you like.
    Also, observe which parts of the transsexual do you find hot? Do you like them tall, short, Asian, tanned/light-skinned, big cock?, adams apple, tits no tits? You'll then zero in on these traits and combine them with what you like to basically identify your sexual preferences.

    Your sexual preferences for women may be completely different than your sexual preferences for transsexuals. For example, I love older women and young transsexuals. How is that possible? How can you not like young women, and not like older transsexuals if you like young transsexuals and love older women?
    I can't explain it, it's a matter of preference. A crack team of neuroscientists couldn't explain it if you gave them 700 trillion gold bricks and 500 years in a state of the art laboratory. So don't even bother trying to figure it out, and forget about what others/society thinks of you (cuz really that's the only reason you asked your question).

    To the point - Transsexuals are very very sexual beings. They're basically women with a man's sex drive. And it's usually all business, they get down to it. It's really fun, and you will definitely like it. Take the plunge dude.
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