"why do you do this to me?"

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by ~piscean]-[delusions, May 22, 2004.

  1. ~ p i s c e a n ]-[ d e l u s i o n s ~ my poetry ~ why do you do this to me?

    so you've gotten the best of me and again ive lost
    you took away my comfort and just gave it a toss
    how could you do this to me, i didn't do it to you
    always here for you i did what you wanted me to do
    why do you have to hurt me so bad
    can't you see inside me i am already sad
    i needed you most when you couldn't be here
    the only thing to see in my eye is a continuous tear
    over and over again you make me feel this pain
    again and again from your wrath i can't abstain
    i want so badly to feel the feeling of being desired
    but you kill me considerately and leave me so tired
    i can't see it coming before it has already come
    you unravel me from the inside and leave me undone
    all i ever wanted was to be loved and secure
    but all i seem to get is hurt without a cure

  2. briliant
    how deep you travel to need to be loved

    how i longed once to be loved
    this reminded me of this feeling.

    never give up on yourself only others
    can do that....
    never love blinded dont follow a light
    that will burn...
    dont fight confussion the emotions
    need this sometimes.
    but always know yourself what you
    need in life... to be loved purely.........

    love n peace from saff
    great piece very frightening for me
    i remember this state all too well
    hope you move on soon..
  3. saff, thanks for all of your input, you've gotten to read quite a bit of my thoughts now and I appreciate all of your feedback...

    this is the state I find myself in after every relationship ;-)

    and yes, she's out there somewhere waiting to save me, although I am completely happy myself, I need the yin to my yang, women are a beautiful gift.
  4. its hard to break the cycle we
    become so attached too.

    i hope you can save the love you long for
    and be with your yin soon

    love n peace from saff

    great pieces you have posted ..
  5. tourmaline

    tourmaline Member

    mmm...i once wrote a piece liek this...well not really, but the same theme sorta... i will post it as a new thread as -response delusions take a look!

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