Why do people hate trump so much?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Rahab, Feb 26, 2019.

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    I take a light meter to anyone visiting me--too dark=head for the park. Very light= Just right. "come on in--have a glass a' milk."
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    So sad and unfortunate it triggers intense dislike for the guy in many ;) Personally I wouldn't describe it as hate either. But dislike certainly.
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    I think most of us humans make mistakes as we go through life and most/many of us try to learn from them. I don't have to spell it out, do I?
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    Interesting list. Let's analyze it. Calling Trump a racist doesn't mean he's against all races. He's obviously not an anti-Semite. His son-in law is oJewish something some of his Nazi supporters find troubling. As it says on the poster: "loved his Jewish grandchildren". And he did declare Jerusalem the ca[ital of Israel and move the U.S. Embassy there--to fulfill the dream of the biggest contributor to his campaign, Jewish casino operator Sheldon Adelson. Whoop de doo!. Kissed the Western Wall? Shameless bid for the Jewish vote! Same goes for deportation of 95-year-old Jackiw Palij, ex-Nai prison guard. His denunciation of David Duke falls into the same category. He noted in thr year 2000 that he wouldn't support the Reform Party because it now included a Klansman, Mr. Duke, a neo-Nazi. Yet he has curiously gone back and forth on Duke, as the political wind blows. In March, 2016, during the election campain when Trump was asked by CNN's Jake Tapper if he would disavow Duke, he said
    "Just so you understand, I don't know anything about David Duke, OK?" After the public uproar, he denounced Duke a few days later.

    Where African-Americans are concerned, he dated a bi-racial model.Kara Young Excellent taste! Beautiful woman. Equal opportunity pussy grabber. Obviously, lots of white slave owners back in the day weren't racist when it came to sampling "darki" women. Then there's the claim of loaning his personal jet to Nelson Mandela. That refers to the Trump Shuttle, one of Trump's filed business efforts, that he defaulted on in 1990. As the operation neared bankruptcy, Trump tried to monetize the shuttles' spare aircraft by providing it for Mandala's 8-city tour. Great publicity! Upgrading MLK's birthplace is tokenism. Granting clemency to Alice Johnson and a posthumous pardon for Jack Johnson? Alice Johnson's pardon came at the urgent behest of celebrity Kim Kardashian, wife of Kanye West, whose gushy televised endorsement of Trump had recently been the subject of a news cycle. The pardoning of heavyweight boxing champ Jack Johnson 78 years after his death was obviously and conspicuously a slap at Obama and his predecessors, who unlike Trump followed protocol in waiting for a Justice Department recommendation that never came. Trump’s pardons are not policies for the African American community The lifetime achievement award wasn't a real award; just some nice words given to Trump in the nineties by Jessie Jackson for Trump's work on the Wall Street Project. The Opportunity and Revitalzation Council and the crime reform act seem promising. As for overseeing the lowest black unemployment in history, that statement is artfully worded. Trump happens to be president during a time of job and economic growth that continues a trend established under his predecessor. Between 2010 and 2016, unemployment fell from 10 percent to 4.8 percent when Obama left and is currently 4.3 percent. The growth is also a result of the improving world economy. Trump's tax cut and minor cutbacks in regulations may have helped, but at the cost of a $ trillion added to the deficit. So I'm not impressed. But of course it's what's left out that's resulted in Trump being called "racist". I'll get to that. Whoever put the poster together ought to have a bright career helping new college grads pad their resumes.
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    Agreed, When I was a sailor I wanted to date every kind of woman I could. So many of the women in Florida look alike to me; over tanned, over bleached and over breasted.

    One thing I learned though is that all of the women seemed to find the same shit to bitch at me about (usually my pot habit, my car habit and my computer habit). The worst was hearing all that coming at me in broken English. It was torture not to fall down laughing at the shit they'd cobble together to spew at me. Ultimately, I married a Florida girl.
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    Now that's an interesting perspective. Even though I don't discriminate against anyone (unless they have proven already to be an asshole), and certainly not because of something as trite as color or ethnicity, I have not yet met every ethnicity on the planet. There's still some possibility there are people I would just hate immediately upon first contact.

    So I guess I'll need to travel around the planet several times to be absolutely certain I'm not a racist.

    But then, what difference does that make when I'm automatically assumed to be a racist because I'm "white"? It would be a wasted effort.

    It's easier to simply let people with narrow minds go about their business happily. Engaging them is fruitless.
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    [QUO TE="WritersPanic, post: 8414392, member: 42017"]Now that's an interesting perspective. Even though I don't discriminate against anyone (unless they have proven already to be an asshole), and certainly not because of something as trite as color or ethnicity, I have not yet met every ethnicity on the planet. There's still some possibility there are people I would just hate immediately upon first contact.[/QUOTE]

    Your post is a non sequitor. You previously offered a poster purporting to show us that Donald Trump is not a racist. Among the points featured was that he's not an Anti-Semite because: his grandchildren are Jewish, he kissed the Western Wall, he moved the Embassy to Jerusalem, he deported a Nazi prison guard, and (eventually) denounced David Duke. This all goes to show he isn't an anti-Semite, but that was never the issue. He's mainly been accused of being anti-Muslim, anti-Hispanic anti- African-American. Your response is subject-changing diversionary gobbledygook --a smokescreen of double talk with vague hints of indignation about somehow being persecuted yourself (because you're white and somebody has dared to challenge you?). No need to take it so personally when somebody calls you out for trying to whitewash Trump
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    Did I miss something?

    Otherwise I want to use this as proof that sending thank you notes doesn't work ;)
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    I don't hate Trump or Obama or The Clintons.

    Today, Speaker Pelosi said: "He's not worth it"
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    the question isn't why do 2/3rds of everybody have no use in hell for the horse he rode in on?
    the question is why does trump hate everyone who isn't donald trump?
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    In addition to his ridiculous budget proposal and spending bill, the trade deficit between the US and China has grown to over 200 Billion (so much for trumps Tariffs)
    and the overall National Debt has grown so large it makes the Obama administration looks like the John Birch Society
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    i say it's because of that gosh darn hair!

    if it weren't for the hair, i'm sure we'd have a wall right about now...
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    That’s not hair it’s a canary sitting on his head
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    Electing Donald Trump president is the most ridiculous thing this country has ever done.

    When he said We'll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, I thought that's it, he's toast. No one with any sense is going to fall for that. Sadly, I underestimated the gullibility of many Americans.

    He has alienated world leaders he should embrace while embracing leaders he should oppose, shut down the government over trying to build a wall that would be expensive and ineffective, then declared a national emergency over it, taken credit for an economy that was stimulated by the previous administration and has attacked any press critical of him as fake news. His staff has had the highest rate of turnover in history because he fires those who aren't yes-men or they just quit out of frustration from trying to deal with the whole clusterfuck.

    He's in over his head but will never admit it. I think he wants out. He won't step aside but I suspect in the next election he won't campaign very hard.
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    bump :D
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    I was guilty of this when it came to the Iraqi war in 2002. I thought, no way America will fall for this shit; but they did. Since then I haven't really been surprised at anything Americans support. This includes the election of Donald Trump. Just another example of how ignorant or apathetic people are.

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