Why do people hate trump so much?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Rahab, Feb 26, 2019.

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    It says I don’t have knee jerk reactions over stuff I hear in the media and base all of my reasoning on that. Am I in favor of separating an infant from its parent? No, not particularly. But my first question is why would any parent subject an infant to the myriad dangers making that crossing? And secondly, how many times has your scenario actually happened?
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    Yeah and that’s a problem also.

    This is where I grew up:

    MS-13 has nearly as many members as police in one wealthy Virginia county

    MS-13 Gang Abduction, Killing In Virginia Was Completely Random, Police Say

    And for the liberal Washington post propaganda artists viewpoint:


    When I was in middle school, someone had their hand cut off with a machete behind the strip mall I walked behind everyday on the way home from school. I know someone who was stabbed 36 times for getting out of a car on the wrong street. Another one of my friends had his throat slit and died right in front of my house.

    When I was 16 my car was stolen out of my driveway. I’ve been carjacked, kidnapped and forced to make drug deliveries, robbed, had my face kicked into the ground, guns held to my head, knives held to my neck, chased fearing my life on a daily basis almost all before I was 18.

    I’m not sure what kind of bubble you all grew up in, but clearly it was easier than me because you live in blissful ignorance about these issues.
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    Because of the media who manipulated people. Trump is not that bad. He will build the wall for the Southern border. This is HUGE for America, otherwise you will wake up with mexican criminals entering your country and raping your kids and women. The globalists who run America hate Trump because he is a nationalist so they use the power of the media to defame him.
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    Anyone who says illegals are welcome here, why don't you welcome them into your own home?
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    I was thinking more about the smaller species since there are so many and their migration habits aren't very sophisticated. It's a food chain issue where wildlife is concerned. But you now have me curious to know what sort of migration patterns the larger critters exhibit already. After all, "The Wall" isn't going to be a continuous barrier, the topography in some areas make it impractical.

    As for the humans, if they know there's a barrier, they'll make other arrangements. Without it, people attempt to cross in areas where there is no water because they simply don't know. The stories they hear about the US don't go into great detail about the hazards along the southern part of the country.

    Too many peasants think they'll hit the gold-clad streets to the land of milk and honey shortly after crossing. Hundreds of them end up dead. Over 7,000 since 1998. That's enough for a "caravan". Only theirs went directly to hell.
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    Well thats very fucked up, I can see how your perspective has been framed by your experiences growing up.

    We have a fair amount of immigrants from mexico and central america here, legal and illegal, but little to no gang activity that I know of. Just decent people trying to live their lives. When I think illegal immigrants I mostly think of driving by construction sites and seeing a group of Mexicans working while el jefe gringo stands around doing nothing lol.
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    I wish it were like that in southern california
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    Mexicans have never been the main problem. In the 90s in DC it was mostly the Central Americans causing issues and for the record I love Hispanic/Latin people in general. But I lived in a rough area in a major city so I’ve seen first hand how gritty shit gets.

    Also, that el jefe is not doing nothing lol he’s running the project and keeping it safe. There’s a whole lot to construction apart from skilled labor.
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    I remember when those jobs in construction were dominated by black Americans. That all changed in the 90s.
  10. unfocusedanakin

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    I would happily let them into my house.

    This comment is common among people with racist views. So it's a jab to them. "do you let criminals in your house? I owned you with that one.". The thing most of us are smart enough to see that a women and her kids feeling Ms-13 are not bad people.
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  12. unfocusedanakin

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    I doubt you grew up where you said you did. This response is telling and not that of a person from there who would see what I see. Also I notice a lot of white Trump voting men go online and pretend to be some other sort of person. So they can say "I am a black man I voted for Trump" Or "I come from the middle east, so happy I left Islam",. It helps with the racist image of Trump.

    Point is I think you are a white man with a cold heart.
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    I definitely grew up where and how I said I did - put it this way I’m glad you didn’t.
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    Sure.......that is why you keep going to the whole "so dangerous" angle. Not what is good there only the issues.
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    You must be more drunk than me right now.
  16. unfocusedanakin

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    Enjoy your role play

    You are either a white man or a sociopath brown men. I am very tolerant if you want to identify as Spanish for go for it. It's just obvious you are not.
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    I don’t mean this to be a dick, but maybe go talk to a professional. You sound half unwound.
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    i generally wouldn't want to let any strangers into my house. unless maybe if they were female and attractive.

    but i don't think that's really the point anyway. i don't think many lefties are actually trying to bring in more illegals the way republicans keep claiming; i was under the impression that most democrats are against the wall because it's a stupid waste of money that won't be effective for its alleged purpose.
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    You'd probably happily let them into my house too.
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    Why would any parent subject an infant to the myriad dangers making that crossing? Probably because conditions are so horrific in the gang-ridden country of origin that they think it is in their kids' best interest to take the risk, and because they thought that international law protected asylum seekers from the treatment they got at our border. Your second question is impossible to answer accurately, because the department of Health and Human Services says:“The total number of children separated from a parent or guardian by immigration authorities is unknown.” The Trump administration doesn’t even know how many thousands of children it separated from migrant parents Health and Human Services said that it had 10,773 migrant children in its custody as of May 29, 2018. As of June 29,2018, some 2,000 children had been separated from the adults they were traveling with across the U.S. border. .A report in The New York Times in April, 2018 revealed that over 700 children had been separated from adults who said they were the children's parent since the previous October. more than 700 children have been separated from adults who said they were the children’s parents since last October, and more than 100 of those were under the age of 4. Sen. Merkley of Oregon visited the CBP Border Station in McAllen, Texas, and reported "a series of cages that look a lot like dog kennels, ”and that adjacent warehouses had larger chain-link fenced areas containing young boys. He was denied entry to another detention facility in Brownsville, Texas. The Associated Press reported: “Inside an old warehouse in South Texas, hundreds of children wait in a series of cages created by metal fencing. One cage had 20 children inside." The important point is that the children were separated from their parents and incarcerated.. Contrary to claims of Republican apologists, these were not policies instituted by the Obama Administration, but were pursuant to the "zero tolerance" policy instituted by the Trump Administration. Trump’s separation of immigrant families wasn't Obama policy

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