Why do guys tend to ask “What’s the biggest dick you have had?”

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by drumminmama, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    You and my wife, my kind of women. Yummy
  2. Lady Shadow

    Lady Shadow Art is But a Shadow of the Divine Perfection

    I honestly never had anyone I was interested in or serious about really ask that. It seemed to me the men that asked those questions were usually creeps that I never let get near my pussy. Lol.
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  3. C3po

    C3po Members

    I bought my wife a large dildos that was around 8" in circumference. Named it Phil, he lived up to his name, wife loves it and Phil gets a lot of action. As for real clocks she has had some big ones before we met, I tried an experiment on her after we first met, I used a big dildo on her without warning and she totally enjoyed it. been using large dildos on her ever sense. happy wife, happy life.
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  4. James T

    James T Members

    Societial conditioning. The bigger is better mentality has attached to mens psyches like a parasite.
  5. g65389pon

    g65389pon Members

    Been having sex with my wife since we were 17, 51 now, apparently she has been with one bigger than me not that I'm that big 6.5ish. After seeing this thread I said something about size and without hesitation she said, "he didn't know how to use it". I asked because of insecurity but her answer totally satisfied my issue :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:!
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  6. Anyfun

    Anyfun Members

    Nothing wrong with being able to take a big 1. Was with a girl that had a 10" toy she used regularly. I even used it on her
  7. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    For me sucking a little one is perfect but "in the end" I need a much larger one.
  8. Joboo6

    Joboo6 Members

    I had a friend with a nine inch fat cock, he was very cocky. He tended bar in a strip club and used to use our couch many nights, his brother and I shared an apartment. And no his brother was maybe large average 6.5 pr so.
    Mr Big used to bring girls home all the time, different ones all the time. One Saturday morning there was a very cute blonde on my roommates bed that big had left there, he was a weekend warrior so he was gone to guard.

    The girl and I hit it off right away and we were in the sack by that afternoon, then all weekend. She immediately told me after we had sex the first time she wanted nothing to do with mr big anymore. Due to he was a dick and she hated that she fucked him, saying it hurt and the good thing was it didn’t last long.

    Up until that day at 19 I always like most guys thought girls would like big dicks better than average ones. After that I never worried about my dick size. Later in life I did see my girl have sex with a well endowed guy that knew how to use it. That was worrisome, she had an orgasm inside of a minute once he penetrated her and they fucked for about 8-10 minutes with her coming about 4 more times. She had come twice with me a few times but I had never seen her come like she did with him. I guess some girls have roomier pussies that other girls.
  9. WisDomOfAge

    WisDomOfAge Visitor

    Men are hoping for you to become turned on thinking about it, hoping that this topic will create a heightened state of orgasmic, desire filled sexual state for you both. The assumption is that a big dick is a turn on, even in thought, and for some women, it is! They are hoping you are this kind of woman
  10. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

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  11. WisDomOfAge

    WisDomOfAge Visitor

    It depends on you if course and how big ‘big’ is. Quite a lot of women say 8” is very nice but higher gets uncomfortable. I have a female friend who loved as big as she could find and married a man with 12”! I think most women could get used to anything really, but very big would be unpleasant to begin with.

    The REAL truth is that size won’t create sexual desire on its own, that has to be developed by her within herself. Any woman can do this, masturbation and working with her own thoughts and body is the key. I have another female friend who can orgasm by just sitting and thinking certain thoughts....
  12. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    A woman once asked a man,"who do you expect to satisfy with that little thing?" The man replied, "me." I am not on this earth to make anyone happy with my dick. I am here to live and have a friend that we can appreciate each other for who we are.
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  13. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Porn is NOT reality.
    By the very definition, most people will have or encounter average. Because it’s the mathematical average.
  14. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    Porn is actually reality but on film. Live porn is a fuck club where you can watch and sometimes join in or fuck your partner and let others watch. many there have monster porn cocks at least in the one in L.A. Calif. years ago
  15. Mike Fl

    Mike Fl Members

    As a guy.... me personally...... my wife says I’m a pervert. I met her in college. We met/worked together at a local bar and grill where some of the female employees found out one of the managers was hung like a horse. Some of the women fucked the guy for the experience and to find out how big was hung like a horse. My wife was one of those women and to be honest that was my 1st attraction to her after hearing she was one of those women. I had always thought she was attractive but finding out that she might be a pervert like myself was like ... wow. I. Need to get to know this woman. Glad I did. Been together almost 30 years now.
    I asked the question out of curiosity to find out how big was big and to find out how it was from her point of view.

    All my dating life I asked “who was your best fuck and why was it your best fuck. “. I took notes, maybe they knew something I didn’t and also it gave me and insight into maybe something I should do to that woman. Then I would ask the dreaded question women seem to hate to answer .... how big is the biggest and how was the sex. That’s is curiosity and my perverted side of me.
    To me it was also a measure to how open can the woman be and can she be honest.

    Full disclosure..... most guys do like to believe they are the biggest guy in the world and that their significant other has had no one bigger than them, but not all of us. Its not a good start to a relationship if you have to start it with a lie but plenty of relationships must and still work, right?
    Also wife says I’m arrogant and too secure about it
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  16. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    They ask because they are insecure. Once a girl asked a guy, "who do you think you will please with that little dick?" He said, "me." The dick is only one of many sex tools. There are many other and better ways to please a partner even if you lose your dick the relationship will remain.
  17. Angela36

    Angela36 Members

    Never had anyone ask me that, but you are probably right. There is lots more involved in pleasing a woman than size. Although size does make it easier lol.
  18. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    About as real as Harry Potter.
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  19. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    What's as real as harry potter?
  20. Poplo.

    Poplo. Members

    Wow there some great answers! I always say I don't know I don''t carry a ruler!

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