Why Do Dirty Feet Turn Me On?

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by unshodone, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. unshodone

    unshodone Member

    I've been trying to figure this one out since I was about 12. Why do I get so turned on when I see someone with dirty, bare feet? Mostly girls, but boys too. Is it just a rebellion thing, or does it run deeper than that. Or does it make me think that the person is available and I can get involved with her/ him? Any thoughts?
  2. RT19

    RT19 Member

    I too find dirty bare soles to be so cute and sexy. I think it's because dirty soles are often a sign of a real barefoot person, someone who just goes barefoot everywhere and i find that a massive turn on.
  3. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    I don't see what bare feet have to do with rebellion or availability. Most fetishes seem to be pretty random and not based on any apparent reason, I assume this is the same.
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  4. One Man Band

    One Man Band Member

    If you like bare feet, seeing someone really going barefoot is hot.
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  5. Maybe it is something inside us saying that person needs some care. Grooming that includes touching.. Modern baths and showers work fine and we don't need help getting clean but maybe that's part of what we are like programmed to do ?

    That's as close as I am getting to answering an impossible question.
  6. rol the sole

    rol the sole Member

    I think it probably stems from a taboo thing. Generally feet are always covered. Men-definately and some women except in summer when the sandals and flip-flops appear. When things that are generally not on show i.e feet,toes or other body parts that are usually under wraps are on display it causes arousal. I suppose some philosophers have researched this at some time. :)
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  7. Agree,

    We all kind of have our favorite parts but if everyone wore gloves most of the time I guess many people wouldn't miss a chance to check out bare hands.

    I was also thinking that when most girls get barefoot its to get ready for bed, an association.

    What ever I bet we affect a lot more people then we think going around barefoot in places where most people are not.
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  8. BarefootedBoy

    BarefootedBoy Member

    I find a girl with dirty soles to be that much more attractive to me.
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  9. goodearth

    goodearth Member

    I tend to associate a somewhat dirty body with action, toughness and resilience. Those are character qualities that I admire and am attracted to.
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  10. I lived in southern California as a teenager. Most teen girls in southern CA tend to be barefoot almost 100% of the time in those areas, so you would see a lot of dirty soles. I can't say dirt would be a turn on, but the implication there may be that if they are dirty, perhaps it means they are barefoot a majority of the time. And if you're into barefoot girls, I guess that implication would add to your interest.
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  11. Sora

    Sora Member

    Would probably say it's because of a general foot fetish. I know because I've got one for dirty feet as well. Why? Fetishes are of course tough to explain and figure out, and even more so when it comes to specific deviations, like how some foot fans prefer dirty and stinky, or clean and pampered.

    I know I like dirty feet myself because I like dirt. Dirt and mud and messy stuff is a huge turn on for me, so having stuff like that adorn the feet, is just beautiful to me.

    Not sure what the case would be for you my friend, but it's something to be enjoyed! Embrace your love of dirty feet! ^.^
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  12. barefoothippie

    barefoothippie Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Dirty feet are pretty sexy, I agree. Hard to say why we like the things we like. Why do some people like certain colors while others do not? Who knows. One thing that is awesome about hippies though is that most are barefoot friendly - so you tend to see a lot of dirty feet!
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  13. tallguy

    tallguy Member

    Yes...dirty barefeet are awesome. Sexy as hell
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  14. Chuckles1230

    Chuckles1230 Member

    To me, dirty soles indicate the person spends serious time barefoot, and that is the turn-on. A barefoot girl with clean soles is not an attraction. But for me, neither is a person with dirty tops or toes--even if it came from serious barefooting.
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  15. AZWiki

    AZWiki Banned

    The dirty feet doesn't turn me on, but I like naturally splayed toes. I also like thick even skin on the sole.
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  16. Barefoot-boy

    Barefoot-boy Member

    Women's bare feet turn me on, dirty or clean.
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  17. Barefoot Guy

    Barefoot Guy Member

    When it was more common to see people barefoot in stores, on the streets it was nice to see the dirty color of one's feet as they walked on different surfaces. I met a couple of ex-girlfriends on the street in Greenwich Village (NYC) while we were both barefoot. I remember saying to Suzy "I see we like the same style and color shoes!" since we both had filthy black feet (that happens from city barefooting :)
    Different people have different attractions. While some may be turned off by dirty feet I believe they are a natural result of one's feet in contact with the surfaces they walk on.
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  18. charlie35

    charlie35 Member

    To answer chuckles above, I agree with his first two sentences. However if a girl also has dirty tops and toes from serious barefooting, my mind is blown! :)
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  19. Barefoot Guy

    Barefoot Guy Member

    This is a webfind of Kacee Weber at the 2014 Lake Worth Street Painting Festival. I guess your mind is blown :) My ex-girlfriend in NYC liked to stand on my feet so the tops of mine were always filthy. Once she had stepped in some spilled syrup from a vending machine. My tops were black for days....

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  20. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    my main concern is how it looks like she's been shot in the forehead.

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