Why do bongs rule ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Jondell, Jan 22, 2021.

  1. Jondell

    Jondell Members

    Hi everyone,
    Just gotta say "I love bong hits"
    I like vaping weed also, but prefer vaping oil.
    But, Why do bongs get me so much higher than vaping ?
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  2. Psytribe25

    Psytribe25 Members

    Interesting question I'll never stop smoking bongs... I surf and I feel the bong keeps my lungs expanded ✌❤
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  3. randomdude1983

    randomdude1983 Totally Yoda Lifetime Supporter

    I prefer smoking out of a bong. I own 4. I'm using the big one right now. As for why. Probably because you get more out of it then vape. I've done vape myself. It only last an hour and then life is normal again. My high last for hours after hitting the bong.
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  4. soulcompromise

    soulcompromise Member HipForums Supporter

    Bongs. I want to get technical and talk about how the water helps cool the smoke so that it won't burn your throat when you inhale it. In fact, until I ran out of ice, I was putting ice in the water of my bong.

    I was an acrylic fan - I've broken a glass bong by accident if memory serves, and I didn't want to deal with that hassle and end up smoking my pot out of a soda can with push-pin holes poked through the aluminum fashioning it into a pipe. No, I chose acrylic and was satisfied. I don't know but suspect after some use they become tarnished from the smoke stains and resin, but I suspect the same is true of glass; though I know there are products for cleaning pot smoke off of glass - and probably better ones now that marijuana is at least medically-legal most places...

    My thinking is if there's a way to make smoking safer or more comfortable, I'm for that. But the reality for me is that it's not good for me so I just don't anymore. With schizophrenia, my doctor swears, yes, swears, that it's adverse due to the psychoactive reactions. I noticed what he was talking about when I was still taking edibles in 2016 or '17, and so I stopped doing even that. And I'm fine with it, though I regularly catch myself considering the dispensary... :rolleyes:

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