why did this happen during my first time? (full detail)

Discussion in 'The Orgasmic Experience' started by fzdz45, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. fzdz45

    fzdz45 Guest

    I had sex for the first time last night (im 21). We started making out, and next thing I know we are ripping our cloths off and rubbing all over each other. We foreplayed for about an hour straight, then I started rubbing her clit, and licking her nipples. she instantly started spasming, then I fingered her g-spot until she came hard, dug her nails into me, and woke up the neighbors (she was loud :D). she then offered to give me a blowjob, which I said yes to and was the first one I've ever had. she had me going but there wasn't enough of something to push me over the edge. she got tired after about 10 minutes, and claimed she was bad at it and we cuddled for another 15 minutes. we started kissing and teasing again and i went to get a condom. the second i put it on though, i went limp. I so much wanted to fuck her, but i guess we had been going for so long (2 hours in at this point) i was tired? she eventually got on top of me and attacked me which got me hard again, but when I tried to stick it in, i could not find her vagina. I could feel the heat, the moisture, and the hole, but i couldn't make the connection due to inexperience. the lights were off and i could not see which made things more difficult. i asked her to help me out by sticking it in for me but she said she didnt know how. we continued to make out and such for a while. at that point we had been going at it for about 2-3 hours straight.

    when she had to leave she look a bit depressed for not feeling I was satisfied, and after trying to cheer her up and embracing her she still felt I didn't enjoy it. which I did very much enjoy it. I kissed her goodnight, and she left. obviously I had blue balls like no other, and when I started to think about her and what we did, I got hard again. I beat off and instantly jizzed all over myself. it was really sick, but felt great I never came so hard in my life which is saying a lot. I feel really bad that she didn't get to see it, it was truly godlike, and I also felt bad because she didn't get to finish me. I felt pathetic and that like I got the short end of the stick because of this.

    I don't understand what happened when i tried to put a condom on. I was hard all day hanging out with her, I knew what I wanted, I was stiff throughout the entire foreplay, but when it came to do the deed my peter went to sleep. was the foreplay too long? should the lights be on? also, any advice about how to make her not feel she was horrible? because it wasn't entirely her fault she couldn't make me cum, and I would really like to keep seeing her. when we embraced for the last time I heard her whisper "I love you (my name)" into my ear, and when I asked "huh?" because I wanted to make sure I heard her correctly she changed it to "I said, good night (my name)" in a sweet tone. what does that mean? do you think she would come back after an experience like this?

    p.s. she didn't know it was my first time.

  2. i have heard of this happening to a few other virgin males, i cant pinpoint what causes it but i can tell you you aren't alone. what i can help you with is she may come back for more any woman well that i know if satisfied they will always come back for more. Good luck.
  3. Reducted

    Reducted Member

    You can get snugger condoms which help with the sensation and prevent slopping out. Buy a bunch and practice with porn or something.
  4. JakeTheJock

    JakeTheJock Member

    You were probably nervous, every one is the first couple times.
    The good news... practice makes perfect.
  5. jgalley

    jgalley Guest

    probably anxiety or goin so long.

    When I first started having sex (around 17ish) I didn't cum my first several times...no idea why.

    I can easily get myself off..but just wouldn't cum actually having sex.

    I still remember the first time I actually came while having sex because I had that issue..it felt like an achievement lol.

    but yah it was probably just nerves etc..despite being hard and "ready" to go all day
  6. MochaMood

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    Performance anxiety? I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. Mothman

    Mothman Senior Member

    Next time spit in your hand and rub on your cock, it will slide in after that. Be on top at first to get it started and THEN let her on top if she wants. It's just easier that way.
    Be on your knees with her on her back and put her legs up and out of your way, with your freshly spit on dick, rub it up and down in her pussy lips while pushing a bit until you find that hole ya been lookin for. Easy peasy.
  8. KingWilly

    KingWilly Member

    OP, your post made me chuckle a little bit, not because of what happened which is kind of a bummer, but just because of how you told it I guess.

    Basically this is all nerves is all. There's nothing abnormal about you or anything, it's just nerves. you physiologically put so much pressure on yourself that your cock gets short circuited and goes to sleep. It's happened to myself in key moments when i was younger. Good luck in the future and if you do get a re-date with this girl, come clean and tell her you're a virgin. I wish I had the first time I did it...

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