Why capital punishment was ended in the UK.

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by Bilby, Oct 2, 2013.

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    According to Bea Campbell Judge Rayner Goddard liked passing the death sentence on people that on sentencing days he had to bring a spare pair of trousers to work because while he was passing the death sentence he would have an erection and ejaculate. We know this to be true because judges in those days were treated like royalty and had valets to help them get dressed. Wikipedia concurs with what Bea Campbell says.
  2. Mr. Frankenstein

    Mr. Frankenstein Malice...in Sunderland

    Good grief.

    A transvestite death junkie.
  3. Bilby

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    I guess he really did have job satisfaction.
    Actually I would have agreed with his position of the way the police can be a bit rough in dealing with general members of the public,
    "inclines them to obstruct the police instead of to assist them"".
    I could not agree more. I have seen a case of an unsolved murder that was down to a PR problem with the police.
  4. scratcho

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    "We're gonna' give him a fair trial, then hang him." Judge Roy Bean.
  5. Somethings never change!

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