Why are you voting for Kerry?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by psychedelic_unclesam, May 19, 2004.

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    What I'm looking for is your honest opinion on why you feel that John Kerry would be the best candidate for president. I do not want people to argue points in this post. Don't post unless you are for Kerry.

    Thanks, your valuable opinions are appreciated!

    Please be as detailed as possible.
  2. Oklahoma

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    Well, I'm too young to vote, but I would be voting for Kerry if I could--he's the only liberal who stands a chance against Bush.
  3. LuciferSam

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    The main reason I am voting Kerry is because he is the only candidate who is able to defeat Bush. If it were an election that weren't so polarized and didn't look like it will be close, I would seriously consider voting Green. But it's not, and so I think it is wiser to put away our idealisms for one day in November and realize that if, in a close election, you vote for a third party instead of for a main party, you in effect are depriving the main party that is closest to your interests of a vote, and thus aiding the main party that is farthest. Unless some third party candidate becomes the greatest demogogue the country has ever seen, no third party that has never even won 5% of the popular vote in the last election will ever pull an upset and win the next one.

    Anyway, on to how Kerry would be an improvement over Bush, in my opinion.

    - Kerry is not as brash as Bush with foreign policy. Bush has his silly mantra of not sacrificing American interests for international ones. In other words, he doesn't care for what the international community says unless it's something he already agrees with, and doesn't care that America is building a reputation abroad as a bullying hegemon. I think America needs some humility, and a realization that not everything it does is necessarily right, and should be willing to sacrifice interests for the world community if we ever expect other countries to be willing to help us. Kerry actually recognizes the importance of an international community, and appears to be willing to cooperate with it.

    - Unfortunately, just as both parties tried to trump each other's anti-Communism in the Cold War, both parties now seem almost obliged to support the "war on terror" and only differ in that they think their side can do it better. So long as we're stuck in this cycle, though, I think Kerry is a step towards easing the escalation in this conflict, such as that we're seeing in Iraq. He seems to have some understanding that sheer brute force will not defeat an idealogy, and that preserving good relations with other nations is desirable. I disapprove of his resolve to continue an active war on terrorism, but that stance seems to be here to stay. Just like the Red Scare, no one's going to dare to suggest stepping down the war.

    - Kerry is more environmentally friendly.
    - Kerry does not cater to the religious right.
    - Kerry will not renew the Patriot Act, which Bush wants to do. While Kerry favors home security he has more respect for personal liberties.
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    1) He stands for many of the things I belelive in. He is more conservative than I am, but I am realistic enough to know that NO ONE who has the political stands I do would ever get elected to major public office. He stands for ENOUGH that I am comfortable with him.

    2)He can beat Bush. That is my main objective in this election, getting that horrible man out of office. NO ONE else will be able to do it.

    3)He has some good ideas for foreign policy. He wants to be freinds with the International Community not be always confrontational. Bush has destroyed any "freinds" the US once had. I beleive Kerry can get some or all of these freinds back. No county can be alone.

    4)He has some really good ideas for domestic policy. His policies are actually workable and he knows Congress enough to know how to word things to be used and voted for in Congress.

    5)He ISN'T Bush!

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