Why Are We Getting Dumber?

Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by Jimbee68, Aug 27, 2014.

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    Flame is a part of how you do it. Hairy is a woman's name....

    COME ON!!! You guys don't get it? :D
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    i know it's not an exact rhyme, but i just keep thinking dairy queen.
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    Ahhh ok... you're probably more on the right track. Maybe it was in regards to this.

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    terrapin, are you ever going to tell us what the hell you're talking about? Hairy...I've got "Mary".
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    I would say that people are getting more knowledgeable and informative, but less wiser.

    And this increasing lack of wisdom is significant in itself, and is reflecting in the numerous wars, conflicts and nature issues that is going on across the world.
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    Is this thread about americans or regular people?
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    No shortage of wars or conflicts in past times. 'Nature issues' didn't really come into the mass consciousness until recent decades. But even if you think people are less wise now than they were once, what could be done? I don't think you can educate people in wisdom. Usually it only comes with experience.
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    I know the premise of this thread is false--intelligence seems to be rising, but more markedly in developing nations. No surprise there. Scores in the USA seem to be stagnant, but there is a lot of confused research out there.

    But anyway, I can buy in to the idea that the food supply is having ill effects on us. A neurotoxin in the food supply? I speak in the context of America here: There are a few that are fairly well known--MSG, Aspartame, Alcohol, Mercury, Glyphosate (a common pesticide found in essentially everything).

    These things can, with diligence, be avoided (or at least mostly). The problem is--it takes time, research, education (to be able to sift through the available information), resources (internet access) and money to avoid these neurotoxins. In other words, the middle, lower-middle, and lower classes might have a difficult time eating and living this way. Whole, healthy, and organic foods are readily available to those who can afford them. It's just one of the 1,000 ways the lower classes are losing ground with their wealthier counterparts. We might not be losing IQ points, but we are losing quality of life, losing health--and if we are sick and fat, that certainly detracts from our ability to think critically.
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    Amazing how much credence is given
    to idiot forms of life
  10. Ajay0

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    There were wars and conflicts in past times, but the casualties were much lesser than that which is possible at present. Just as technology has dramatically increased human powers of production, it has also similarly increased the capacity to inflict human casualties and destruction much more than before.

    The world population has gone through a quantum leap in the 20th century, due to advances in science and technology, which has increased the one billion population to 8 billion at present creating a unprecedented demand for the world's natural resources which is limited. And wildlife is getting the worst part of this deal to the point that experts predict that around 70 per cent of wildlife will get extinct in three years time in 2020.

    'Nature issues' like global warming and aberrant weather patterns did not exist in the past.

    That brings to mind a saying of Confucius, " By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest."
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    haha I'll second that!
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    I think we started to seriously damage the environment in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Some of the immediate effects were obvious to people - things like smog.Still, in Britain it took until the mid 20th c. to get legislation to prevent deadly smogs in places like London. Science wasn't developed to the point where the consequences of things like CO2 emissions was understood. A few individuals were uneasy about the new industrialization - William Blake for example with his 'dark satanic mills', but he majority lived in ignorance of the effects of industrial production on nature, or on human beings. That's really what I meant when I said that people were not conscious of nature issues - although many other issues were in their germinal stages even then. My own concern about all this started way back in the 70's, which is when voices started to be heard warning of the consequences of our actions.

    Fully agree that over-population is a big issue. A solution though is hard to find in the short term. Encouraging people to have fewer children is one obvious strategy, but the decrease would be slow, taking a least a few generations. I don't like the idea of a mass die off - but in the future that may happen if we don't immediately begin to seriously deal with this and related issues.

    I suppose it's true that more people these days are interested in meditation. However the majority are not, and don't spend much time in reflection. Also it's hard to see who they would imitate to acquire wisdom. Mainly, the idols of modern society are celebrities etc. Christianity has 'The Imitation of Christ' as one of the most enduringly popular books - but the average Christian is not seriously trying to imitate Christ.That only leaves the path of experience, bitter or otherwise. Maybe education could have a role here, but not the kind of education people get nowadays which is mainly about getting qualified to do a job. An education system that encouraged people to be able to think critically for themselves would be better. Things like meditation would be part of that.
    Let's hope things change and more people become aware. At present it seems we're going in the opposite direction - but perhaps humanity will manage to turn the corner before we wipe ourselves out.
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    Actually, I feel like I'm getting smarter everyday! I don't drink water with Flouride, it can affect memory, lower your Iodine and mess with Thyroid function.
  14. hotwater

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    The movie Dumb and Dumber (1994) starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels was a metaphor on the opioid crisis which in some states is completely out of control.
    People are not getting dumber they just appear that way while under the influence of powerful drugs


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    I Resemble That Remark.....[​IMG]

    Cheers Glen.
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    That's not true.
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  17. Irminsul

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    don't think of the sport itself, but the technologies behind it like in F1, the technology is incredible. it's a sport and those engineers aren't stupid.
  18. neoprene_queen

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    Not to mention the mind-to-body coordination that athletes must master. And the split second judgement calls they have to make: They see things developing and must react. Being able to react physically is, well, physical. Reacting correctly is intelligence.

    A surfer gaging what is going on beneath the surface by looking at the visible phenomena of the water takes intelligence; a basketball player who is staying one step ahead of the guy with the ball (who, thus, should be the one in the driver's seat and not the one in reaction mode) takes intelligence; a batter knowing what pitch is coming next based on what has already been thrown takes intelligence. And so on, and so on.
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    I think saying things without doing your research is making us dumber. :D
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  20. Asmodean

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    Convenience makes a lot of us dumber. It can also make us smarter though. But yeah, I guess it's easier to get dumbed down by it.

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