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Discussion in 'Camping/Outdoor Living' started by blackfoot, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. blackfoot

    blackfoot Member

    so i wana know who is planning on rolling out into the wilderness this spring?
    Or sooner? Any new ideas going around for some good living this year? There is plenty of places in this continent alone to see this summer! Im hoping to hook up with someone ready to travel and have some good times just lookin for similar folks
  2. blackfoot

    blackfoot Member

    Im 21 and in Idaho, a lil' ways down the road
  3. Senk

    Senk Member

    I here in Nampa Idaho!I'm already planning lots of Backpacking and Hiking Trips this Spring/Summer/Fall, you close? We could hit some trails!

  4. BobbinBecca

    BobbinBecca Member

    We're out there this spring!

    My family and I are travelling from Utah to the East Coast and back this spring/summer and have room for like-minded travellers.
    We will be going to maybe three gatherings, probably festivals on the way, but mostly on the trips from one gathering to another we'll be staying in National forest land or State Parks. My husband has a Golden Access Pass so National campgrounds and some state ones charge 1/2, and those nasty ones with entrance fees we pay only a percentage. Sometimes we'll camp outside of campgrounds, but we're kinda trying to spread a message, not preachy but more respectful freak-out. More info on our newbie website. We really are looking for a couple of folks to travel with us, help out with the kickdown movies and get rides to gatherings. So I'm saying you probably don't want to join in if you don't want to go to gatherings, 'cause otherwise it'd just be hanging out with a hub, wife and two little ones. We have a club wagon van where there will be room for 3 extras. And always room for two more hippies and a dog, as they say.
    Good luck, bro.

  5. Count me in. I'm going to the Gathering then from there taking my time to make it back home to Colorado.

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