who would like to see the northwest and learn a business along the way

Discussion in 'Find-A-Ride' started by roadgypsy, May 12, 2004.

  1. roadgypsy

    roadgypsy Member

    well i see the ride post has been cleaned out so now it is time to renew thoughts and make a new travel post. Well i am jeff and i have been on the road most of my life traveling and exploring the country. LIke most people i kind of would like some good company out here. in the past years i looked just for girls but found that i was not looking for a mate or girlfriend but more of a friend. I admit i would enjoy looking at girl more and there are things about talking with girls that are more fun. As of now a girl or guy would be cool someone who would have there own life and preferablly there own vehicle too. Someone who would be fun to hang with and do things with but not feel trapped by.
    I just want a friend to be able to share times with but be able to do my own thing. Now i have alot to offer the right person. I can show you how to make a good living out here on the road and make you independant of needing others. I can also show you alot about road life for there are not many who have been on the road as long as me.
    I am an older guy 42 and i have spent 23 years of my life on the road.
    If you are someone who can make new friends easliy and accept resoncibily for there own lives who likes to go to movies ,camping,theme parks, who likes to explore the country.
    Who likes the idea of having a friend but still have there won lives then i would like to know you more. heavy drug users and drinkers would not work out for me. I do smoke and trip at times and even drink but it is not a constant need. I have 3 shetland sheepdogs i travel with they are awesome animals. Now a perfect thing for me would be someone with thier own car or van looking for a road mate and someone they can depend on ,but if someone did not have there own ride and wanted to go depending on how they where i would consider it.
    The big thing with me is no masks no lies i am out here to learn and love to talk about anything ,but i do not want any drama out here.
    if i did end up taking someone with me in my ride i would be helping them get thier own car as soon as possible so they would not have to depend on me for rides and stuff. If this is something you want to know more about then right me a real letter telling me about yourself and what you want. This is open to guys or girls 18 and up you can e-mail me at isellbodyjewelry @aol.com you can message me only if you are an aol member or letting em know in a letter for i have all aim people blocked because of all the porn i can also be messaged at roadgypsy61 on yahoo Well thats it for now my summer will be going through CO,WY,MT,ID,WA, and OR.
  2. sonik

    sonik Member

    Nice lookin dogs man!

    So how do you make a living on the road?
  3. roadgypsy

    roadgypsy Member

    i sell body jewelry and silver to stores all over the country did i not mention that in my post???
  4. Ginge

    Ginge Ye Olde Member

    Nope, did not mention that above. But I think that's awesome! Sounds fun, and I love to travel! Unfortunately, I still have one more year of college left before I can get out of this state.

    But this time next year, I will have no plans.
  5. LostOne

    LostOne Member

    You have no idea how much i am interested in this oppurtunity, i am at the library right now so i can't write you that e-mail, but you will be hearing from me.
  6. LostOne

    LostOne Member

  7. BobbinBecca

    BobbinBecca Member

    Well if I weren't married with two kids I'd be writing you as well. My husband says he's interested, but he seems to be more interested in sitting on his ass these days, calling in sick to work. I really want to hook my ride up with satellite internet (I have a job already, see that I could do from anywhere with my laptop and just unsure of what kind of rig to live in) and travel with you.
    But I'm curious: you're looking to show someone how to make money with jewelry, right? Not ebay or food vending or spanging or any other way of making money on the road? My husband thinks he can solicit donations for one of his schemes, but again, that's all moot until he actually works toward rigging us up. Family is a whole nother ball game. :( Doable, but harder. Anyway, you seem really cool and I can't believe you dont' have ten Rainbow sisters and brothers wanting to travel with you by now.
  8. roadgypsy

    roadgypsy Member

    Well this is an older post my other one is who wants to seriously live on the road and learn a business. Most people had no car or no brain or just did not put any effort into having me get to know them. I like being alone nowadays just because most people have brought drama and stupidity to my trip. I do not teach people how to make jewelry i did that once and it is near impossible to support yourself with any comfort on the road doing that. I sell silver and body jewelry i buy and sell. I do not give details here because i really do not just want to give away secrets it took me years to learn to people who will do it half assed and then just muck up the business. I met one guy through my post joining em this week who i am so very impressed with and have yet another friend who i have known since i first started off on the road with me now.
    So as of right now i am kind of full up i am still open to get to know people and maybe see what happens. As for working on your laptop you only need the att plan that gives you a pci card and for 80.00 a month you get unlimited gsm broadband which is even faster then reguler broadband ussually. I am soon getting that now i just plug into the phones in motels or use my bluetooth phone as a portable modem. I do nto want to have you think me negative about people by how i opened this but i just guess i see more of that then the other. Most people want to talk about thier dreams instead of living them. I have always just lived my dreams and then talked about them. I have to admit i have gotten less patient with others then when i was younger but it is hard to watch other just talk about living and never really do it. I would love to help others get started if someone has a vehicle and comes out i will help them out even if i am not ready to have them follow but for the right people i would work a way to have them com e along. Well good luck all
  9. Jeph

    Jeph Member

    do you know a little guy named hobbit?
  10. BobbinBecca

    BobbinBecca Member

    thanks for the clarification and tip road gypsy, tho I think satellite might be cheaper and more versatile, it actually only costs 600 down and 60 a month, more for satellite phone minutes. If I had a cell phone already I might go that way but I don't.
    BTW beautiful big dogs that really gave me hope that I can hook up a comfortable ride for my fam if you guys can squeeze in one van. For that reason alone I can see why you just don't have room for drama. Until April when we take off you're welcome to stay here for a night if you're passing through Utah Valley Utah. I don't want to steal your secrets ;-) but we could swap stories about making money on the road. My husband's close to your age.
    Anyhoo, I know Hobbit Jeph, from years ago. he hasn't seemed to remember me the past couple of times I've seen him, which is really fine by me, but thought I'd chime in.

    --stopped by sprint at the mall and they seem to think I can do my job on the internet on the road for 50/month plus 180 for the plugin so I guess I might get this instead of satellite. Glad I have a few months to figure it out.
  11. Grim

    Grim Wandering Wonderer

    my lady and I may well be quite interested in something like this...see, we've been planning to tour the country for a while and were waiting till she finishes college...but in my current haze I cannot recall if it is this summer or the next when she'll be done...

    thegrimdreamer is my yahoo s/n and my e-mail is GrimDream@gmail.com
    drop a line
  12. roadgypsy

    roadgypsy Member

    Hey becca

    Let me warn you from experience sprint is the worst they cover very little of the country you have to good choice either get a blue tooth enabled phone from team mobile and i plan that involves free nights and 3-day weekends and then but a cheap blue tooth adapter for your laptop (30.00) then for you will have a cell phone and online access for the same price and being online on fr thru sunday and weekday nights you can stay online for free.
    that or att has there service for 80.00 a month and it covers about 5 times more then sprint i am talking from years of experience. I am just trying to save you money but feel free to find out on yourself. Well good luck i spent last night at a animated light show in oklahoma city it was beautiful like a 2 mile drive of looking at animated light displays and tonight i went to chickasha and saw a giant display that was said to have over 2.5 million lights i took my dogs through and just alked around for awhile.

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