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Discussion in 'Music' started by Yippee, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. Yippee

    Yippee Member

    Whatever your preferred genre, what song by which artist or band, when you first heard it, made you fall head over heels in love with that genre?
  2. 8footsativa_chik

    8footsativa_chik Waka Chang-Chang

    When i first time i heard rock music would have had to have been when my old music teacher would play stuff on his guitar like Weezer or something like that.
    First time i heard 'metal' and REALLY loved it, was when i watched Metallica in concert, I already new some of their songs but thats when i was like all BLAH:p lol, (its the only way i can explain it)
  3. frist time when heard black sabbath, like classic metal.
  4. BlackGuardXIII

    BlackGuardXIII fera festiva

    ACDC, hard rock

    Howlin Wolf, blues
    Peter Gabriel, art rock?
    Bob Dylan, folk rock
    Edith Piaf, classic contemporary
    Tupac, rap
    Sade, romantic
    Beatles, pop
    Pink Floyd, experimental
    Rush, brainy rock
  5. 8footsativa_chik

    8footsativa_chik Waka Chang-Chang

    Nice list of music[​IMG]
  6. BlackGuardXIII

    BlackGuardXIII fera festiva

    thanks, it is just a small sample, I have so many admired musicians in all the different genres.

    Bob Marley, reggae
    Nomad, tribal
    the Buena Vista Social Club, latin
  7. the_dude

    the_dude Senior Member

    i think the first thing i slightly listened to was..*sigh*....gorillaz.
    man...what was i on?
  8. Nisha

    Nisha Forlorn.

    the first one i listen to that made m love this genre of groovyness was.. "voodoo child" by hendrix and "jammin'" by bob marley. i fell head over heals... and also "out of the races and unto the tracks" by the rapture.
  9. sasquatch

    sasquatch Member

    my first fav rock band was the Beatles - i was like 9 or 10 so can't remember what song.
    Ozzy, Sabbath and AC/DC got me into metal as a young teen, but i think the first time i was just floored by a band was Iron Maiden, seeing them live on the Powerslave tour. I was a metal head for a long time after that.
    My next genre twisting experience was seeing Phish live. Since then i've been into the whole Phish, Dead, Keller type of music. Generally, its been live performances rather than particular songs that have had a big impact on what i listen to.
  10. Ellied

    Ellied Senior Member

    hmm would have to be strange days by the doors...i cant think alot further back
  11. Skelter

    Skelter Helter

    my first favourite song was 'scatman's world' by scatman john (anyone remember that song?) when i was 8, my first favourite band was the beatles, and it still is.
  12. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    Impossible to say. Not including that awful lite rock that I liked when I was a little kid (because mom had it on, and so naturally i liked it), I've always liked classic rock. That was also always playing, but that's actually good music. But I could never tell you who was the first band or artist, because it's the whole genre that I was exposed to (at least, the parts of the genre the radio played, and the few CDs mom and dad had, stuff like the Who, Doobie Brothers, and Allman Brothers).

    I do remember my first country artist that I really got into was Garth Brooks, still love his music. And in high school when I started listening to more modern rock, the first was Barenaked Ladies ("It's All Been Done" and "One Week") and 3 Doors Down ("Kryptonite").
  13. Skelter

    Skelter Helter

    haha, the barenaked ladies :)
  14. artful_dodger

    artful_dodger Member

    Hmm... I don't listen to any one style of music all the time... I can think of a few different songs/artists, however, that I fell in love with on first listen:

    - Social Distortion... I think "1945" was the first of theirs I heard.
    - Tori Amos... One listen to "Silent All These Years" and I had to own the album
    - The Smiths... first of theirs I ever heard was "There is a Light That Never Goes Out"
    - Ministry turned me on to industrial... can't remember the first song of theirs I ever heard, though.

    I know there are more, but those are the ones that come to mind for now.
  15. sleepy_ashes

    sleepy_ashes Member

    hmmmmm.... I suppose the earliest song I remember, outside of my grand-mammie's homemade diddy "bump doo de bump" was probably CSNY's "Our House" My Ma taught me all the words and we sang it all the time while our old jukebox spun the 45.

    I never really understood the intracasies of it until I was older though.... think I was like... 2 when she taught it to me.
  16. RFyellow

    RFyellow Member

    Holy Shit! That song rules...I always get it stuck in my head for some reason though I haven't heard it in years.
  17. JohnnyATL

    JohnnyATL Banned

    acoustic rock - ben harper or jack johnson
    folk - guy clark or john prine
    older pop rock - beatles
    bluegrass - Old Crow Medicine Show or Leftover Salmon
    Ska rock- Cake
    Indie - pedro the lion or Neutral Milk
  18. FemmeFatale

    FemmeFatale Member

    Bo Diddley (Saw him play at the Crossroads)-blues.
    Sandy Denny (the stuff she did on Zeppelin IV)-folk.
    Led Zeppelin (Trampled Underfoot)-rock.
    The Seeds (The Farmer)-punk.

  19. LooLoo

    LooLoo Member

    Kyuss just made me fall in love with music... Welcome to Sky Valley is still a favourite of mine..
  20. dhs

    dhs Senior Member

    Grateful Dead - when I was nine years old my brother gave me the second set of the Fillmore East 4-29-71. The first note of Morning Dew hooked me like nothing else and they've been my favorite band now for over 20 years.

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