Who rides motorcycles?

Discussion in 'Old Hippies' started by abudman, Aug 5, 2004.

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    my last one was one these ....yamaha bw200..similar to the picture

    i was never into street bikes...seen to many accidents


    i stick to 4 wheelers now..just for slow rides and hunting..the big wheel liked to follow ruts and was hard for me to ride..way harder than the quads
  2. Love bikes, and have been riding off and on for about twenty years.

    My current baby is a Honda Shadow ACE 1100. ACE was their American Classic Edition, since it was made in the USA at their Marysville, Ohio plant. It's also Honda's Harley knockoff, and looks and sounds like one. People always mistake it for one.

    I tell them it's a "running Harley!" LOL. More reliable and way less maintenance. Doesn't leak oil like some of those HDs. It's also my fourth street bike, and the fastest one I've ever had.
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  3. Are you aware there are actually more dirt bike and MX accidents requiring ER visits every year than there are involving street bikes?

    Just saying.
  4. SpacemanSpiff

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    could be..but ive never randomly come across people hurt on dirt bikes
  5. Irminsul

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    I knew someone who hit a tree and his leg went through the front forks of the bike. Twisted and mangled. 15 years old he'd never walk properly again.
  6. I get your point. And yeah, there might be more mishaps on dirt bikes but the death rate is higher on Street bikes.

    As a street bike rider I just had to get my two cents in. LOL. But sure, your chances of being slammed by a car are obviously much lower off road!
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    And Street bike riders are never in the wrong and do all the correct things... :unsure:
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  9. Old hippies riding... too cool! I'm still riding dirt and street in my sixties, what a blessing! And if that's not enough, I can still school a few younger riders. I know I'm kinda riding on borrowed time, but on the flip side I think it helps me stay sane and healthy. My dirt rides are a very intense form of physical exercise. Dirt and street are both mentally challenging. I'm slower and more cautious than ever, but we ain't exactly puttin' along taking in the sights while rolling if you know what I mean. Will I die or get maimed in an accident? Hope not! I mean the goal is to avoid that. I believe dying fast in a motorcycle accident would beat slowly wasting away with some disease, though -- which I feel is more likely to occur if I give up activities such as riding (hiking, skiing, bicycling, etc, also).
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    Bikes are sexy... Rode along on fatboy low... first Harley ride. Nice bike. I say as long as you stay strong, fit, most folks can do cycling. Think there should be cycling "school" and roll bars on street bikes a necessity to prevent crushes.. Get into enough trouble getting knocked off or falling off a bike in an accident caused by you or car/bike hit. Dirt is tough, but certainly exciting to watch... Used to watch a lot of it when my satellite had the Fuse network and I could see surfing, biking boarding extreme-er sports. Miss that channel...
  11. There is! MSF (the Motorcycle Safety Foundation) has classes. Beginner for new riders to get their license is real popular, inexpensive, and they provide the bikes! Three days worth and those who pass simply walk into the DMV with their card and they add the m/c endorsement. Few years ago, I took the "advanced" class and the instructor asked me how I make it look so easy. Because it was, perhaps? I expected more from that class. It's probably about right for someone who's been riding for a year maybe.
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    Well, since I last posted in this thread I sold both my bikes, so I don't ride nothing no more.

    But since someone brought up dirt bikes, here's a picture of my first bike, a 1969 Ossa Pioneer Enduro.
    Very rare bike now. Wish I still had it. It was state of the art in '69, the Japanese had nothing like it.
    Four speed, upside down shifter, solid state ignition, fiberglass body, 2 cycle with no valves.
    Here's a '71. Notice the detachable chrome muffler. You could take it off and hang it upside down for off road use. Then you ran straight expansion chamber, very loud. I destroyed my muffler in about two weeks from assorted wrecks and never replaced it.

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Don't Ride Anymore But I Still Have My Much Loved "Kawasaki 900 Z1-B"....In Storage......Will Sell

    It One Day I Guess But The Money Would Have To Be Good......Has Colour Matched "Stone" Fairing

    Flat Bars......Set Backs....."Lester Mags" Which I Had Imported From America......4 Into 1 Exhaust....Gauges.....

    "Koni" Shocks......AND......Twin, Twin Throat 40mm Delorto Carbies....:screamcat:...Fed By A High Volume

    Electric Fuel Pump......:screamcat:.......Only Has About 25,000 km's On The Clock......:smilecat:

    Cheers Glen.
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    I have been riding dirt bikes since I was a toddler. Totally love it!
    I sold my bike a few years ago.
  15. NotMyRealName

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    Suzuki Hayabusa & Suzuki M109R.
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  17. Noserider

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    That's the sound of a dirt bike :D
    The fucking worst sound in the history of camping.
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  19. Sweet bike, man! Bet it really ripped in its time. My first was a new '70 trail boss. A friend picked up a Montesa 250 in our early teens which was pretty sweet. But most of us kids had Japanese two strokes. I wasn't gentle with mine...
    I've not been without a bike since. There's a dozen or maybe fifteen of the things around here now. I'm riding a modern two-stroke in the dirt now, ktm300. The advances are amazing. It can produce something like 50hp while maintaining powerful low end torque. And the suspension... things have come a long way.

    If you want to see old bikes in action, visit Cuba. I think I saw Ossa there but not sure. Plenty of old esoteric brands though, such as MZ and Jawa that I recall in particular. Really solid old bikes which they've cared for and have kept going for half a century. Some look barely used.
  20. Or the sweetest, if you're piloting the thing! ;)

    PS: there's an abundance of places where camping is allowed but dirt biking isn't. Why would anyone go camping where dirt bikes are allowed and then bitch about it? :(
    That's something I might expect to find as an example in a dictionary under the definition of the word 'lame'.
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